National Numismatic Exhibition in India postponed due to political situation

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September 19, 2013 – The organisers of the National Numismatic Exhibition scheduled on October 4-6 in Hyderabad (India) announced that the event will be postponed due to the critical situation in the region.

Hyderabad is the largest city of the region Telangana, which merged with the Andhra state in 1956 to form the new Andhra Pradesh state. Telangana was once an independent state and since long there an indipendent movement has been active. In July this year, eventually, the ruling Congress Party’s Working Committee recommended to form a separate state. This step has whipped up feelings and reportedly numerous violent incidents occurred in the region.

For this reason the organisers declared the postponement of the major numismatic event caring for the safeness of the participants and their goods. Of course such an event would bring along many people travelling through the region carrying valuable objects and exposing themselves to attacks and robberies.

While Marudhar Arts announced this decision via email, the website still has not changed and invites people to attend the exhibition. A new date of the event was to be communicated soon according to the email.

You can find information about the political situation here

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