Murder with robbery of coin collector in Ukraine

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March 7, 2013 – On December 15, 2012 judge Trofimov and his family was murdered in Kharkiv / Ukraine and his coin, medal and decoration collection was stolen. Interpol has informed dealer associations about the stolen items and the possibility that single objects might come up in the market. The robbed items are Russian orders and modern commemorative coins from Ukraine.

We cannot reproduce the complete list but cite just two examples:

The Bosporan Kingdom

100 Hryvnia / Gold / 31.1g / 32mm / Proof / Mintage: 3,000.

Series: Ancient Monuments of Ukraine
The commemorative coin is dedicated to the Bosporan Kingdom (VI century B.C. – IV century A.D.), one of the ancient states on the Northern coast of the Black Sea, which originated from a league of Greek colonies, the cities on the shores of the Strait of Kerch, with its capital in Panticapaeum, and regularly minted its coins. Price, Hryvnia: 18,555.

The Ostroh Bible

100 Hryvnia / Gold / 15.55g / 25mm / Proof / Mintage: 4,000.

Series: Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the Ostroh Bible (1581), a notable monument of book-printing – the first unabridged printed edition of the Bible in Old Church Slavonic. The prince Kostiantyn Ostrozkyi (Konstanty Ostrogski) was the initiator and Maecenas of the Ostroh Bible creation, who invited Ivan Fedorov (Fedorovych), a book-printer, to Ostroh to translate into reality his idea. The Bible of 1256 pages was printed in 1500 copies, which was a large edition for that time. Price, Hryvnia: 18,555.

Should something suspicious be offered to you, please contact any police station.

If you need the comprehensive list with photos you can ask CoinsWeekly.