Muenzen Gut-Lynt: A New Platform For Online Auctions and Numismatics

The new online auction house is based just outside Düsseldorf in the manor house of an old Lower Rhine estate, the eponymous Gut Lynt.
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On 28 March 2021 at 11 am, it will be time for Gut-Lynt, the new online auction house for numismatic coins, to hold its Auction 1. This project is the product of friendly cooperation between renowned dealers and auction houses from Switzerland and Germany. Their goal is clear: to stimulate the market for buying and selling in numismatics.

Online trade is booming – and it’s no different in the numismatics industry. Of course, this is partly due to the strange times we’re living in. In this respect, the launch of ‘Muenzen Gut-Lynt – online auctions and numismatics’ is very much on-trend. But when a new project is launched by prominent dealers and auction houses, you know it’s anything but a rush job.

The newly established online auction house is based in the manor house of an old Lower Rhine estate, located just outside Düsseldorf. Preparations for the auction premiere on Sunday 28 March are in full swing– coins are being described, evaluated and put online.

The logo of the Muenzen Gut-Lynt auction house.

With a straightforward elegance and functional clarity, the website already presents some of the 950 lots that will be up for sale at Gut-Lynt Auction 1. ‘All pieces will go online on 5 March 2021,’ reveals Managing Director and former President of the ‘International Association of Professional Numismatists’ (IAPN) Arne Kirsch.

‘We and our partners had been carrying around the idea and concept for the new project for several years,’ he explains, ‘Then, in the summer of last year, it took concrete shape. We started looking for the name and developing the brand. – What we and our partners had in mind was an online auction house where collectors and dealers get security and quality. We wanted to create a platform that, though it may not reinvent the wheel, learns something from the competition and brings something new to the table – that was important to us. We want to breathe new life into the numismatics market.’

The Well-Known Partners Behind Muenzen Gut-Lynt

The partners behind Muenzen Gut-Lynt are names that we in the numismatics world know only too well: SINCONA AG, based in in Zurich/Switzerland and Weil am Rhein/Germany, the traditional, Frankfurt am Main-based auction house Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., Münzen Frank OHG from Nuremberg and Frankfurter Münzhandlung (Frankfurt/M).

If you ask Arne Kirsch what makes Muenzen Gut-Lynt special, his answer is down-to-earth and confident: ‘As I said, we’re not reinventing the wheel. But there’s one thing our customers can rely on: Muenzen Gut-Lynt is built on trust. It is based on excellent industry knowledge and a passion for numismatics. We all provide individual support and advice on buying and selling, and we take the time needed to find the right solutions for consignors and collectors. Another factor that makes Muenzen Gut-Lynt an ideal contact for consignors of high-price collections is our partners. We are offering all channels for selling coins: direct sale via one of our partners, placement in internationally renowned gallery auctions in Frankfurt/M or Zurich – or even in online auctions, whose interesting range of pieces are sure to draw in collectors.


You can find more information on the Muenzen Gut-Lynt website.

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