Much Ado About Some Coins

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August 26th, 2010 – Yes, we like to report on coin exhibitions. Curators appreciate our articles, because there aren’t many journals which cover coins. Numismatics normally has a hard time finding a journalist who writes about an exhibition.
That is normality. But it’s another case when a little exhibition of the Egyptian Museum is involved and if Dr. Hawass – feared by many European museums through his unreasonable claims of restituting “Egyptian” cultural property (just think of Nefertiti) – does the presswork. Then, a little one-room-exhibition becomes a press release that makes it even into the “Times of India”.
We take care of our cultural property! That’s the message, which is spread implicitly. And the mass reads and admires and forgets that nearly each Western curator would be able to create an exhibition featuring “a collection that was never been on display in any exhibition,” and that Western curators have been creating exhibitions regularly for decades.
And what is the moral of this story? We all should become as good in PR as Dr. Hawass is. It’s just a pity, that the state won’t pay us as he pays Dr. Hawass.

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