Mongolian Nature – Roaring Deer

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May 11, 2017 – With the Roaring Deer Coin Invest Trust’s popular Mongolian Nature series comes to an end. All five issues in the series, which has been produced for Mongolia since 2013, are dedicated to animals which are typical of the Asian country. The design of the coin, which is once more available in two editions, harkens back to the series’ debut “Crying Wolf”. It won the renowned Coin of the Year Award 2015 not only in the category “Most Innovative Coin” but also in the overall rating. It also won the eponymous prize awarded by the Russian trade show Coin Constellation.
Succeeding Wolf, Owl, Wild Horse, and Saker Falcon, the Roaring Deer coin features a roaring red deer (Cervus elaphus). The typical style of the series renders the silhouette of the deer as a cut-out on the silver coin, with its head high and its bellowing mouth wide open.

Mongolia / 500 Togrog / Silver .925 / 1/2 oz / 38.61 mm / Mintage: 2500.

The obverse shows the coat of arms and the name of the issuing nation, complemented by material and fine content on the gold edition.
The reverse depicts a roaring deer facing right and, in the silver edition, as a cut-out. Also, the inscription MONGOLIAN NATURE 2017 and, in the gold edition, CERVUS ELAPHUS.

Mongolia / 1000 Togrog / Gold .9999 / 0.5 g / 11 mm / Mintage: 15,000.

The red deer, which is mostly native to Eurasia, reaches a length of 2.10 m. The magnificent antlers of the male animal weigh up to 20 kg of its average 100 kg body weight. Another expression of physical strength is the loud bellowing of the adult male during the rut, audible from afar. The “king of the forest” was extinct in parts of Europe, hunted not least for its impressive head gear. Today, its number has increased again, especially in closed-off forest areas. 

The coins were minted by B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH. Collectors can purchase the issues through specialty dealers.

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