Monetary Relations Between Switzerland and Italy in the Middle Ages

Luca Gianazza, Fabrizio Rossini (edd.), Swiss and Italian Monetary Relations. The Early Middle Ages (VI-XI centuries) / Rapporti monetari tra Svizzera e Italia. L’età altomedievale (secc. VI-XI). Atti del Convegno Numismatico Internazionale. Lugano 29 settembre 2018. Circolo Numismatico Ticinese, 2021. 168 p., colour ill. Paperback. 25 x 17.5cm. ISBN: 978-88-96992-29-6. €30 / CHF35 (plus shipping).
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The proceedings of the international conference dedicated to the monetary circulation between the Swiss and Italian regions in the high Middle Ages have just been printed and are available for distribution. The proceedings have been dedicated in memoriam of Michael Matzke, the renowned Medieval numismatic scholar who was a speaker at the Conference and has prematurely died in 2020.

The conference was organized in September 2018 by Circolo Numismatico Ticinese (CNT) and saw the participation of several leading scholars such as Simon Coupland, Arent Pol, Guillaume Sarah, Michael Matzke, Ermanno Arslan etc. The topics touched contributed to shed new light for the high Middle Age period bringing new evidence or revisiting and expanding known sources and hoards analysis. The topics discussed included: Liutprand issues stylistic evolution; the important Hermenches hoard of Carolingian coins; a reappraisal of the landmark Ilanz hoard; several finds in the Thyrrenic area; coin distribution in the Rhine basin; Christiana religious issues. The conference was the recipient of a grant by the International Numismatic Council.

The volume is available at a price of €30/CHF35, plus shipping costs, and can ordered via e-mail.

For more information on the Circolo Numismatico Ticinese visit the CNT website.