Monea expands its coin blank production in Kremnica

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July 12, 2018 – With one of the world’s oldest still active mints, Kremnica has a long tradition in the production of coins and coin blanks. Monea upgraded the blank factory there and took up the fully integrated production with all production steps in-house on March 9, 2018. At the heart of the expansion is a modern galvanizing plant, thanks to which the small but fine factory in Kremnica is now able to offer the entire range of coin blank products. “Before the integration of electro plating, we used to have to send our material all the way to Germany in some cases in order to have the surfaces coated. Now, we have everything united under one roof”, says Managing Director Thomas Köninger.

The Monea team in the Kremnica plant.

He is proud of his new site with around 3,500 sqm of production and storage space: “In Kremnica, we have low costs as well as a highly motivated, optimally qualified team that, from now on, will produce coin blanks with the latest technology. This combination makes us flexible and customer-oriented, as it allows us to provide the best quality at a competitive price. And all that without burdening the environment with wastewater.”

Less than a year ago, the company management decided to maintain the location of Kremnica, Slovakia and to integrate a state-of-the-art electro-plating capacity. Only 11.5 months went by between that decision and the taking-up of the electro plating process. Getting all the necessary authorizations in this short period of time would not have been possible if the management had not decided early on on a basic principle: The site, which comprises blanking, surface treatment and galvanizing, runs on a completely closed water circuit. Only the used water from the dishwashing machine and the toilets joins the communal wastewater disposal system. Everything else is being cleaned with modern H2O vacuum evaporators and reused. Thomas Köninger explains: “I have children, so I am constantly aware of my responsibility for the future of our environment.”

The new production site with its state-of-the-art machines produces coin blanks from stainless steel, aluminum, copper-based non-ferrous metals like Nordic Gold, CuNi25 and aluminum-bronze. Bimetal is also an option. Copper, brass and nickel are used for galvanizing in single- or multi-layer procedures.
Currently, in the first stage of the new blank production, Monea can cut and mill up to 8,000 tons of blanks a year. Space for expansions remains available. 

The new site’s address is: Monea Coin Technology s.r.o., CSA 232/99, SK 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia. For questions, please contact Thomas Köninger.

And this is the new website of Monea.