Mint of Poland turns to the third side of the coin

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February 14, 2013 – During the World Money Fair in Berlin, Mint of Poland presented the most technologically advanced coin in the world: cylindrical Fortuna Redux is a symbol of bringing good luck in business and commerce. The coin will be available for clients from February 15th.

Every coin, whether circulation or collector, has two sides: obverse and reverse. But, we tend to forget that every numismatic product has also a third side – the rim. However, until now the third side of the coin has never been the main one. That’s how Mint of Poland has come to an idea to produce the first cylindrical coin in the world. The road from the idea to the realization was long and it ended up by presenting the Fortuna Redux coin during Berlin World Money Fair for the very first time.

Fortuna Redux is the most technically advanced, but also a very beautiful numismatic product. It is a silver coin with a value of NZ $50. It is the world’s first coin with such unprecedented spatial proportions of height to width: height of the coin is about 70 percent its diameter (typically it’s 5-10 percent). Thanks to the unique shape of the disk it has about 200 percent more relief image surface! The coin is decorated with frosting fragments of the picture and selective gilding.
The coin is dedicated to Mercury, the Roman god of tradesmen and travellers. He is supposed to bring good luck in business and commerce. The name of that coin is FORTUNA REDUX, which meant happy coming home from business meeting or a trip.

Coin’s challenging production process involved all the steps of design and required special attention to the use of the software due to make the third side of it equally important as obverse and reverse, with full relief.
Preparing the coin’s third side was the most difficult in design stage, where the flat image had to be transferred onto a cylindrical surface, divided into 4 segments of collar dies. In die production we used many different laser techniques as frosting before chroming, after chroming, frosting on cylindrical surface and microtext, and micro engraving and may others – underlines Siemowit Kalukiewicz, chief of the team responsible for creating the Fortuna Redux coin.

It is an extraordinary coin made with unparalleled technology. The idea of this coin comes from the passion to create a unique design. To bring the coin to life, a third dimension is needed. We are proud, that the idea and the design was developed at the Mint of Poland in Warsaw. The result is a complete new shape factor – the first collar design coin in the world. ‘I’m sure that thanks to technological innovation that coin will be appreciated by experts as well as clients as it is an incredibly beautiful product’, highlights Grzegorz Zambrzycki, president of the Mint of Poland.
The coin volume is limited to 2,500 pieces. In a special luxury presentation case with a certificate of authenticity coin will be available for clients after February 15th.

For more information visit the Mint of Poland’s presentation of Fortuna Redux.