Milan EXPO 2015 medal best fast seller

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July 2, 2015 – On 1 May 2015 Milan’s EXPO 2015 opened its gates. The world’s largest event on nutrition and food goes until 31 October 2015 and is expected to see over 20 million visitors.

Apparently the official EXPO medal is the fastest selling souvenir in the EXPO shop. Photograph: courtesy Michael Alexander – LBMRC UK.

The EXPO 2015 has issued a medal available in various editions in the official souvenir shop, like for example with an outer ring of copper-zink and the inner core made of wood.

The EXPO area. Photograph: courtesy Michael Alexander – LBMRC UK.

According to media reports this medal became right in the first days the most popular souvenir item of the retail centre. In the retail centre in the city some customers would buy more than one item only, one man even purchased 50 pieces at once! No wonder that the medal was temporarily out of stock.

Germany’s pavilion presents its ideas of nutrition and food production in the future under the motto of ‘Be active’. Photograph: courtesy Michael Alexander – LBMRC UK.

All those, though, who cannot go to Milan but nevertheless wish to have an EXPO medal, may order one on the internet. At least for the time being the item is still available.

The medal has its own website, where you can see and order all different versions.

For more information go to the official Expo 2015 website.

And here the German pavilion presents itself.