Methodology of numismatics: new publication

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June 7, 2012 – Numismatics is one of the most valuable sources of ancient history. This volume includes 17 research papers in English and 16 in Hindi. They deal with different aspects of the subject under reference and provide valuable data for the furtherance of the numismatic study and history writing. The development of coins, seals and sealings and the economic history are directly related with the development of a civilization and culture. Therefore they provide us short yet authentic information about metallurgy, weight, signs and symbols, legend, manufacturing technique etc. They are not only an important piece of evidence for the reconstruction of history of their times but also help in substantiating a known fact. Inspite of an important archaeological source they should be used very cautiously as evidence for history writing. They have a plethora of information about the political and cultural history of the period they belong to and may be studied in the light of their mode of exchange, manufacturing technique, symbols and symbolism, legends, scripts, classification, statistical data, metal analysis, artistic evaluation, socio-economic perspectives etc. The book is very useful for the researcher in the field of Numismatic and Sigilography.

Sitaram Dubey (ed.), Methodology Of Numismatic Study And History-Writing, Research India Press 2012, 283 p., 11 Col. figs, ISBN: 9788189131609. $110.00 (includes free airmail shipping).

Contents: 1. Numismatics: dimensions and importance/Nisar Ahmad. 2. Ancient Indian seals and coins: their nature form and importance/Kiran Kumar Thaplyal. 3. Migration of a numismatic Motif/Devendra Handa. 4. Aspects of the study of numismatics/O.P. Srivastava. 5. The chronology of early coins in the Ganga-Yamuna Doab/Sanju Shukla and I.N. Pandey. 6. Numismatic data in Angavijja-a critical analysis/A.P. Ojha. 7. Buddha and Buddhist symbols as depicted on ancient Indian coins/G.K. Lama. 8. Development of Buddhism in the light of coins/R.P. Chaturvedi. 9. Study of coins in the light of Tamil Brahmi Inscriptions and the Sangam age/M.S. Shukla. 10. A critical note on some coin names in the works of Manu and Yajnavalkya/P.K. Agrawal. 11. An heir apparent of the later Satavahana dynasty/Amarendra Nath. 12. A critique of Numismatic approaches to early medieval trade/D.K. Opjha and Shiva Kant Tiwari. 13. Historiography of the pre medieval Northern Indian coins/P.N. Singh and Amit Kumar Upadhyay. 14. Monarchical Ratha type coin of Vima Kadphises: Its historical implications/A.K. Dubey and Sachin Kr. Tiwari. 15. Rajghat sealings  a new chapter in the religious history of Varanasi/T.P. Verma. 16. Seals and sealings of Saranatha/Niharika and Ajay Srivastav.  17. The institution of Khalifa and the State power: glimpses from Indian Sultanate Coins/Syed Ejaz Hussain. [17 articles are in Hindi].

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