Leu Numismatik

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17-06-2017 – 01-01-1970

Web auction 1

Web auction 1 of the new Leu Numismatik

Every coin collector knew Leu Numismatik’s Swiss auction house, and still has fond memories of the exquisite coins and medals and the high-quality auction catalogues. The breathtaking collections and public auctions in the heart of Zurich were legendary. Many collectors placed a bid at these coins and maybe they were lucky and won one they still enjoy today.

Lot 24.

Collectors are the focus

Yves Gunzenreiner, Lars Rutten and Philip Reisdorf would like to draw on these great memories with their corporate philosophy for the new Leu Numismatik AG: “Collectors are the focus. It is our job to support collectors in both purchasing and selling in the best possible way, tailored to the individual”.

Lot 353.

Yves Gunzenreiner, former managing director of Nomos AG, and Lars Rutten, former numismatist for Auctiones GbmH, were both once coin collectors themselves, and share their continuing fascination with coins and medals with their customers today.

Lot 837.

The first web auction closing on 18th June 2017

Every year, Leu Numismatik holds two floor auctions in spring and in fall, as well as regular web auctions. The first of these web auctions will close on 18th June.

Lot 1167.

1,500 Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval and modern coins will be auctioned off on the brand new Leu Numismatik website. “For us it is important to be able to offer something for every collector” say Yves Gunzenreiner and Lars Rutten.

Lot 1401.

The focus this time is on coins of classical antiquity, but it is also worth taking a look at the Byzantine section.

Web auction 1 is available on the Leu Numismatik website.

For further information contact the firm via email, phone: +41 52 214 11 10 or fax: +41 52 214 11 13.

You can glance at a preview of Floor Auction 1 to be held in October 2017 on Instagram.