Leu Numismatik AG

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Leu Numismatik Introduces Fixed Price List 1 at NYINC

For the first time in the firm’s history, Leu Numismatik presents a fixed price list. It has been created in cooperation with the new American subsidiary, Leu Numismatik USA, Inc. Viewing of the lots is available at booth 400 during the 51st New York International Numismatic Convention. The offering includes a selection of 275 Celtic, Greek, Roman, Medieval, and modern coins and medals. With a combined value of over 1.85 million Swiss francs, it is equal to Leu’s Floor and Web Auctions in every regard.

In Leu’s Fixed Price List 1, high quality, rarity, beautiful style, and excellent pedigrees are all in the spotlight as well. Thus, you will find in our present offering numismatic treasures which were previously kept in famous collections such as those of Mark and Lottie Salton, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gollnow (“Friend of the Romans”), Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, BCD, Prospero, A. Lynn, Jorge Abecassis, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Robert Käppeli, A. D. Moretti, Jonathan P. Rosen, H. von Aulock, C. Gillet (“Kunstfreund”), Leo Biaggi de Blasys, George Bauer, August Voirol, Paul Tinchant (“R. J. Graham”), Walter Niggeler, Ing. G. Mazzini, Count Dr. Alessandro Magnaguti, Prof. Giorgio Giorgi, M. Hirmer, S. Boutin, R. C. Lockett, G. Dattari, G. Empedocles, R. O. de Castro Maya, Henry de Nanteuil de la Norville, Duke of Cajaniello, Victor Luneau, Osman Nouri Bey, Robert Jameson, Justitzrat Dr. iur. et phil. H. C. Ernst Justus Haeberlin, Vicomte Louis de Sartiges, Franz Trau, W. Lamb, Colonel R. H. Morcom, M. P. Vautier, Prof. M. Collignon, C. S. Bement, Prof. S. Pozzi, Rev. Percy Barron, Sir Arthur J. Evans, J. Pierpont Morgan, Prof. Carlo Stiavelli, H. G. Gutekunst, H. C. Hoskier, A. Rhousopoulos, G. Philipsen, F. McClean (“Astronomer”), Friedrich Imhoof-Blumer, Marquis Léonel de Moustier, Joseph Calasanz, Ritter von Arneth, Prince Waldeck, J. J. Charvet de Beauvais, Charles-Hippolyte de Paravey, Prosper Dupré, the Dukes of Gotha and Anton Günther II of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen-Arnstadt.


You will find the fixed-price list online on the Leu website.