Leu Numismatik AG, CH-Zurich

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Dr. Max Blaschegg Collection at Leu

Leu auctions have always been known for their variety – next to traditional areas such as Greece, Rome, or Byzantium, they always offer a wide selection of coins from other collecting areas ranging from antiquity to modern times. Still, Web Auction 22 was something special, as no less than 2,409 single lots from the collection of Dr. Max Blaschegg were either medieval or early modern. In this way, the focus was, for the first time in an auction of Leu Numismatik, on modern coins rather than ancients. And the auction achieved an outstanding result with a hammer price of 1,174,057 CHF on a starting price of 208,725 CHF.

Once more, the fierce bidding proved that Leu’s offerings of distinguished collections are extraordinarily popular and that the customers have a particular interest in special pieces with an interesting history behind them. As stipulated by Mr. Blaschegg’s will, half of the proceeds of his collection will be donated to charity, and the excellent results form a great success in this regard as well.

Together, Web Auctions 22 & 23 reached a hammer price of 1,814,483 CHF on a starting price of 318,825 CHF. 36,913 bids by 2,433 bidders from 72 different countries show the massive interest that Leu’s auctions generate.


All results can be found in the online catalog.

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