Leu Numismatik Acquired the Dr. E. M. Pegan Library

Cover of “Populorum et Regum Numi Veteres inediti” (1783) by Franz Neumann (1744-1816). This book from the library of Dr. E.M. Pegan belongs now to the auction house Leu Numismatik, too.
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Leu Numismatik AG has purchased the numismatic library of Dr. E.M. Pegan (*16th January 1932). With several thousand volumes, this collection of numismatic literature, built up over eight decades (!), represents an important addition to the already existing Leu Numismatik Library. Of particular importance are the numerous, often complete series of old auction catalogues, which fill most of the previously existing gaps in the library and further expands the core competencies – the meticulous provenance research about ancient coins. Furthermore, Dr. Pegan’s library is distinguished by its important monographs and rare bibliophilic works.

However, compiled as it is by an expert, the most outstanding feature of this collection of books is the mostly exceptional preservation of the works within, many of which are magnificently bound and always excellently cared for. Thus, it can hardly surprise the attentive reader browsing through the library to encounter wonderfully bound books with ex libris of well-known previous owners such as Dr. Paul Julius, Dr. Hans S. von Aulock, Pierre Strauss or Dr. Robert Göbl. The collection also includes works formerly in possession of the grandfather of the collector, Dr. Vladislav Pegan (1878-1955), a lawyer, politician, and member of the Landtag under the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Last but not least, two special gems from the library of Dr. Pegan should be highlighted separately, exemplary as they are for many other works. On the one hand, the library contains an original edition of the “Numi Veteres Anecdoti” by Joseph Hilarius Eckhel (1737-1798) dating to 1775, a personal gift from the founder of numismatics as a science to his noble friend, the philology enthusiast baron Alois Emmerich Freiherr von Locella (1733-1800), who annotated the book by hand. On the other hand, the library holds the meticulously kept personal address book of Dr. Jacob Hirsch (1874-1955), in which the famous German Swiss numismatist carefully recorded the addresses of his most important customers and contacts shortly before the First World War.

Leu has integrated the library into their own holdings during the past few months. Dr. M.E. Pegan’s expressed wish, namely “that the books remain in one place and be cared for a long time to come”, thus comes true.


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