Lecture disproving allegations against antiquities trade market

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June 30, 2016 – On request of Jacques Billen, Vincent Geerling gave a lecture during BAAF Brussels on the current reporting in the media about looted antiquities and alleged terror financing. Mr Geerling is Chairman of IADDA (International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art). This lecture is a more elaborate version of the one he gave for Europol during a recent conference on the subject in the Hague, also attended by INTERPOL and the FBI, who have not objected to anything said.
A lot of the facts mentioned during the lecture have been researched by Ivan Macquisten, and can be found in the IADAA newsletters.

The lecture programme called ‘Art Connoisseurs’ was filmed and is available on Vimeo

This is the official IADAA website.

And here BAAF presented the this year’s event.

Read an article on the latest research study on the art trade market being a negligible financial source of ISIS.