Learn About the Ancient Coin Market With Aaron Berk

Aaron Berk, the son of Harlan J. Berk, is an experienced dealer of ancient coins. Mike Nottelmann a numismatist with great experience in podcasting.
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Aaron Berk and Mike Nottelmann announced the launch of a new video podcast. “The Ancient Coin Podcast with Aaron Berk” will be a bi-weekly glimpse at the ancient coin market through the eyes of an experienced numismatist. Their mission will serve a dual-focus: to discuss recent auction news and results in order to keep viewers abreast of the current ancient coin market, and to provide information that helps to make viewers more knowledgeable regardless of their current level of expertise.

Some of this will be accomplished via a discussion with Mike Nottelmann, a US Numismatist at Berk’s coin shop in Chicago as Nottelmann begins his discovery of the world of ancient coins.

Nottelmann, better known for his work with Matt Dinger on “The Coin Show Podcast” has been podcasting, researching and writing about US coins for over 10 years. He recently joined the HJB staff as a US numismatist. His easy-going and informative style give the podcast a foundation on which Berk can build with his depth of knowledge.


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“I am putting my learning process on display for the world to see.” says the podcaster. “Maybe people can learn along with me. Maybe I will make them feel better when they see me struggle to understand complex ideas, or maybe some people will learn something in spite of me. As long as someone can learn something, then the project is worth it.”

The Ancient Coin podcast with Aaron Berk is available on Aaron Berk’s YouTube page, the Harlan J Berk, Ltd. Website, or by searching Facebook Groups for Ancient Coin Podcast Discussion Group and joining the private group.

On the Harlan J. Berk website you can learn more about Aaron Berk.