Latest publications from Moneta in 2014

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May 8, 2014 – The publishing house Moneta (Belgium) has released several new or revised books. Moneta publishes volumes on numismatics, monetary history and coin finds, from antiquity to present times, in various languages.

In the series “Trouvailles et trésors monétaires en Belgique”
(J.-L. Dengis)
Moneta no. 172 “XIX. Région wallonne et Brabant” (Du moyen age à 1794 – supplément 2)
342 p.

In the series “Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History”
(Georges Depeyrot)

Moneta no. 171, “India”
Republication of Copy or Extracts of Papers from Her Majesty’s Representatives and Consuls in Foreign Countries having reference to the Silver Question (15 June 1885) and Correspondence between the British and Indian Government respecting the silver question (1886), 178 p.

Moneta no. 170, “India”
Republication of Copy or Extracts of Letters or Papers relating to the Depreciation in the Value of Silver (13 October 1876, 22 March 1877, 31 July 1877, 26 May 1879, 11 August 1879), 178 p.

Moneta no. 169, “India”
Republication of Resolution, no. 1325, 12th July 1864, on the subject of a Gold Currency for India and Correspondence between the Secretary of State for India and the Government of India on the same subject (London, 1865), 150 p.

In the series “Money, Power and Communication”
(Line Maj-Britt Højberg Bjerg)

Moneta no. 168, “Coin circulation in the Bosporan Kingdom in the Roman Period”, 432 p.

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