Kochnev Memorial Seminar on Central Asian and Middle Eastern Numismatics

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March 3, 2016 – On 12 March 2016 the Middle Eastern and Central Asian Program at Hofstra University (New York) will hold the B.D. Kochnev Memorial Seminar in Central Asian and Middle Eastern Numismatics. The event will take place at CV Starr Hall, room 209. The event is free and open to public. This is the program:

Session 1
10:00-11:00 am

Alexei Gorin (Institute of Fine Arts, Tashkent, Uzbekistan): Graeco-Bactrian and other early coins from the fortress of Uzundara near Iron Gates

Aleksandr Naymark (Hofstra University): Early Silver Coinages of Soghd: an Attempt on Systematic View

Coffee break 11:00-11:15 pm

Session 2
11:15-12:15 pm

Robert Bracey (British Museum, London, United Kingdom): The Early Hunnic Kings of Sind: Some Metallurgy

Andrei Omel’chenko (State Hermitage Museum, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia): New Kushano-Sasanian Materials from the Excavations of Paykand in the Bukharan Oasis

Konstantin Kravtsov (State Hermitage Museum, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia), Aleksandr Naymark (Hofstra University): The Camels of Bukhara: Copper Coinage of Sogdian West In the First Half of the 7th century

Lunch 12:45-13:30 pm

Session 3
13:30-14:30 pm

Michael Bates (American Numismatic Society, New York): Coins and Trade in the Early Islamic Centuries

Stefan Heidemann (Asien Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg): Islamic law in creation and breaking up of the monetary union of the Early Islamic Empire

Coffee break 14:30-14:45 pm

Session 4
14:45-16:00 pm

Davlathoja Dovudi (National Museum of Tajikistan, Dushanbe): New hoard of Samanid Fulus from Hissar, Tajikistan

Abdullah Ghouchani (Iran-e-Bastan Museum, Tehran): Golden Hoard of Atabegs of Fars of the first half of the 12 century CE

Michael O’Neal (Washington, DC): The Ghazna Coinage of the Ghurid Sultan ‘Ala’ al-Din Husayn Jahan-Suz

Coffee break 16:00-16:15 pm

Session 5
16:15-17:15 pm

Konstantin Kravtsov (State Hermitage Museum, Sankt-Peterburg): A few remarks on the imitations of Tabaristan dirhams

Roman Kovalev (The College of New Jersey, Ewing): At the Origins of the Cross Depicted on Rus’ ‘Bird’ and ‘Cross’ Type Imitation Dirhams

18:15 pm: Central Asian Dinner in Restaurant Chorsu Samarkanda

The event is sponsored by Hofstra University:

Middle Eastern and Central Asian Program

Department of Fine Arts, Design, Art History

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