Jennifer Cargill Thompson née Warren (1931-2016)

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by Richard Ashton

March 10, 2016 – Jennifer Cargill Thompson née Warren, who passed away on 16 January this year, was a numismatist of rare distinction, whose output, published under her maiden name, greatly advanced our knowledge of the Classical and Hellenistic Greek coinages of, above all, the Peloponnese.
After receiving her BA in her native New Zealand and MA from the University of Oxford, she worked as a research assistant to Professor A.D. Momigliano at University College, London (1957-58) and then (1958-65) as research assistant to Stanley Robinson, one of the most renowned Greek numismatists of his day.
In 1966 she married the eminent church historian W.D.J. Cargill Thompson, with whom she had two sons, Edmund and Alexander. Widowed in 1978, she became a part-time Special Assistant in the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum (1978-94). She was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society in 2010, and awarded a Doctorate of Letters by the University of Oxford in 2012.

Jennifer Warren’s crowning academic achievement was the publication in 2007 of “The Bronze Coinage of the Achaian Koinon. The Currency of a Federal Ideal.” RNS SP 42 (London). With characteristic thoroughness, meticulous attention to detail and penetrating insights, she disentangled and explained this notoriously complex and poorly recorded mid-second century BC coinage, and in the process illuminated many aspects of the League’s administration, finances and political history.

Her methods had been foreshadowed in four lengthy articles on the pre-Roman bronze coinage of Sikyon (Numismatic Chronicle 1983, 1984 and 1985; Studies Price), papers which set new standards both in the richness of their catalogues of this prolific coinage and in the historical, archaeological and numismatic commentaries which accompanied them. They are indispensable tools alike for numismatists, historians and archaeologists working in southern Greece. Her life’s work on the abundant silver coinage of this mint was summarised in three further authoritative articles.

In the 1990s Jennifer Warren turned her attention to the dating of the final phase of the Achaian League’s silver coinage, and in a series of five articles vigorously defended the view, first propounded in the 1980s by Christof Boehringer, that this coinage did not precede 146 BC, but was struck in the 1st century BC. Thanks in good measure to her advocacy this thesis is now the orthodoxy. Other areas to which she made contributions of lasting value in her 21 published articles include the early triobols of Megalopolis, the trihemidrachms of Corinth, and various Arcadian coinages.

Jennifer Warren will be greatly missed by her many friends and colleagues, some of whom will retain fond memories of the legendary soirées which she held at the Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London.

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