Israel Coins and Medals has issued ‘Iron Dome’ State Medal

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January 24, 2013 – A State Medal has been issued in December by Israel Coins and Medals Corporation. According to ICMC CEO Aviv Katz, ‘Iron Dome is an outstanding technological achievement unparalleled anywhere else in the world, worthy of commemoration on a State Medal. The medal is a tribute to the initiators of the project together with those who have participated in its development and operation.’

The medal has been struck in silver/925, Proof quality, with a diameter of 38.8mm, weight 28.8 grams and issue limit of 3,600, and bronze 50mm, weight 49 grams with an issue limit of 18,000.

Right Aviv Katz CEO of Israel Coins and Medals, Rabbi Yoram Cohen, Joseph Horowitz, director of business development and marketing Rafael and Lieutenant Colonel Yossi representative of the security forces.

The Iron Dome is an effective and innovative mobile defense solution for countering short range rockets and artillery shell threats with ranges of up to 70km, in all weather conditions.
Its radar detects and identifies the rocket or artillery shell launch and monitors its trajectory. Target data is then transmitted to the Battle Management and Weapon Control (BMC) for processing. The threat’s trajectory is quickly analyzed and the expected impact point is estimated. If the estimated rocket trajectory poses a critical threat, a command is given within seconds and an interceptor is launched against the threat. The interceptor receives trajectory updates from the BMC via uplink communication. It then approaches the target and uses its radar seeker to acquire the target and guides the interceptor within passing distance. The target warhead is detonated over a neutral area, reducing collateral damage to the protected area. The Iron Dome is a cost effective system that can handle multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently.
First declared operational and initially deployed on 27 March 2011, the Iron Dome successfully shot down 90% of the rockets launched from Gaza that would have landed in populated areas of Israel, in the recent Operation ‘Pillar of Defense’.
The Iron Dome was developed in Israel by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (RAFAEL) and is estimated to be the most effective and most tested missile shield in existence, the only dual mission system in the world that provides an effective defense solution for countering rockets, artillery and mortars (C-RAM) as well as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, PGMs.
This outstanding technological achievement, unparalleled anywhere else in the world, deserves to be commemorated in the annals of the State of Israel on this prestigious medal issued by Israel Coins and Medals Corp.

Medal Description:
Face: Three interceptors fired from the Iron Dome shoot across the medal, rising above the buildings on the city skyline, the Israel State Emblem and biblical inscription ‘I will shield this city to save it’ Isaiah 37:35.
Reverse: The Iron Dome mobile launcher, Iron Dome Emblem, inscription ‘Iron Dome’ and its name in Hebrew ‘Kipat Barzel’, the civil year 2012 and Hebrew year 5773 in Hebrew characters.
Medal Design: Igal Gabay. Iron Dome launcher back design: according to Shay Finkelman photo.

More about this state medal and other issues you will find on the website of Israel Coins and Medals Corporation.