Investor trade fair to address customers who want to invest

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July 14, 2011 – Please accept our invitation to Investor 2011, the 1st-annual trade fair for investments in gold, coins, philately and precious stones in Prague. This trade fair will be able to take advantage of the facilities for the traditional Sberatel/Collector trade fair, which is the largest gathering of collectors of postage stamps, coins and minerals in Central and Eastern Europe, to be held this year in Prague for the fourteenth time. Both trade fairs will take place from 8 to 10 September 2011 at one venue, and the price of admission will include both events.

The Investor trade fair focuses on an attractive group of customers – wealthy, well-off visitors who are not interested in collecting as a hobby, but who want to invest their available funds in gold and precious stones. In view of the nature of such commodities, these customers would prefer not to make uncertain purchases by the internet, and they lack the time for going from one store to another to compare prices. At the Investor trade fair, you will find several dozen companies from all over Europe all at one place. Several of those companies are direct producers of investment material, or are firms that do not have a distribution network in the Czech Republic.

Investing in gold, coins, philately and precious stones as a safe alternative to investments on the financial markets and the low interest rates offered by banks is on the rise in the Czech Republic like elsewhere around the world. The Prague trade fair Sberatel/Collector, of which Investor is a part, attracts near 12,000 visitors each year, and not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and Hungary. Accompanying the trade fair is a strong media campaign, and information about the event appears in reports of the main television stations and on the pages of leading newspapers.

More information on these events you can find here.