International Conference on Ancient Religion and Economy

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February 14, 2019 – The University of Gdánsk will hold a conference in June of 2019 to discuss the multi-faceted influence of religion on economy in the ancient world. Prof. UG Dr hab. Ireneusz Milewski from the Department of Ancient History writes:

“Religion is the sphere of human life that determines its character to the greatest extent. It has an impact on the upbringing, the professional and political life, and often also on the economic status. It was no different in antiquity. Various manifestations of human religiousness in antiquity gave rhythm to their everyday life, also influencing economic decisions made. The religious cult has a multi-faceted material dimension, from the money available to the faithful to property being accumulated and managed by temples.

Religion also has its festive dimension. Religious festivals generated costs but also profits for their organizers, for instance, when fairs were being held. Do we see there a relationship between the professed religion and the way of disposing of property? To what extent religion and its associated system of values determined the role of money in the human life, the perception of economic issues and the mechanisms that influence it.

The aim of the conference will be to indicate the multi-faceted influence of religion on economy in the ancient world. The formulated scope of the planned conference creates a wide field of research for representatives of many disciplines. To participate in the conference we invite: historians, archaeologists, historians of religion, epigraphists, papyrologists, numismatists, patrologists and classical philologists.”

Participants from abroad will be offered accommodation free of charge between: 9.06.-12.06.2019 (single room / own bathroom / breakfast) in a guesthouse within 10 min walking distance from the conference venue. All conference guests are obliged to pay a conference fee of 380 PLN / 95 Euro. The fee includes: two dinners, refreshments during the intervals (tea and coffee breaks), banquet finishing the first day of the conference and a trip to the Malbork Castle Museum / Schlossmuseum Marienburg.

Language of the conference: English, French, German

Conference date: 10.06.2019 -11.06.2019

Conference venue: The Institute of History / Faculty of History / University of Gdánsk / Poland 

Deadline for submissions via email (with abstracts in ENG/GER up to 100 words): 15.02.2019 

For additional information on how to contact the Department of Ancient History at the University of Gdánsk, visit the official website.