Impressions of the World Money Fair

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February 15, 2018 – 330 exhibitors informed roughly 15,000 convention visitors about the newest trends in numismatics at the World Money Fair. Here you’ll find some photographic impressions of the world’s largest coin convention.   

Representatives of the guest of honour, the Royal Dutch Mint, and the World Money Fair are cutting the red ribbon to inaugurate the event. Photo: WMF.

From Friday February 2, 2018 to the following Saturday, the Estrel Convention Center in Southwest Berlin was entirely dedicated to the World Money Fair. 

A glance into the convention hall. Photo: WMF.

The big main hall with booths from mints and auction houses was surrounded by five smaller rooms with coin dealers as well as a new big hall which was exclusively reserved for the supplying industry. 

People could change the newest German coin issues for their nominal value at the MDM’s booth. Photo: WMF.

There was a great crowd at all booths. Be it the MDM’s booth, where the newest German collector’s coins could be changed for their nominal value, … 

Austrian Mint: Kurt Bock is facing a large press of people who want to buy the new commemorative coins of Austria. Photo: WMF.

… or the booth of the Münze Österreich, where one could buy the newest commemorative coin of Austria. 

The booth of the South African mint. Photo: WMF.

Be it the Krugerrand from South Africa…

The tables of coin dealers were surrounded by a lot of people, too. Photo: WMF.

… or the coins from the German Empire: The customers’ interest was widely spread. 

Dr. Andreas Schikora explains to future collectors what Karl Marx is all about and why the Münze Berlin honours him with a commemorative coin. Photo: WMF.

Just like in recent years, there were of course numerous attractions going on in the background. One centre of attraction was of course the commemorative coin for Karl Marx, who is celebrating his 200th birthday this year. The Münze Berlin dedicated a gigantic silver medal to this giant of economy resp. philosophy.

A birthday cake for the VfS. Photo: WMF.

The Official Sales Agency for Collector’s Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany celebrated their jubilee: It has existed for exactly 50 years. This certainly called for a birthday cake. 

Another sales hit for sure: The current Polymer-coin. From left to right: Ralph Thiemann, Hamburg mint. Dr. Peter Huber, Baden-Württemberg mints, Dr. Thomas Dress, Representative of coinage at the Federal Office of Administration, Dr. Michael Meister, parliamentary state secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Dr. Andreas Schikora, Berlin mint, Günther Waadt, Munich mint.

The people responsible for the polymer coin were very happy about the great popularity of this collectors’ coins among the German population. The new Polymer-coin “Subtropische Zone” will most likely become another sales hit. It was officially introduced at the Media Forum. 

The president of the World Money Fair inaugurates the Media Forum. Photo: WMF.

The traditional Media Forum, which took place on Friday morning and was open to the public, featured 18 presentations of mints, with the focus on commemorative coins of the year 2018.

Dieter Merkle inaugurates the Technical Forum. Photo: WMF.

The coin technicians had already met on Thursday. The Technical Forum, organised by Dieter Merkle / Schuler and Thomas Hogenkamp / Spaleck, attracted around 400 participants despite the fact that there was a participation fee for the first time this year. 

We will have a detailed report on it in the next issue of CoinsWeekly. 

The TMA-350 by Sack & Kiesselbach at the centre of attention. Photo: WMF.

For the first time this year, the suppliers were accommodated in their own hall. They thus had more space for their spectacular exhibition objects. Consequently, Sack & Kiesselbach promptly brought their newest minting press, the TMA-350. 

The representatives of Sack & Kiesselbach proudly receive their World Money Fair Award during the gala dinner. Photo: WMF.

And the representatives of Sack & Kiesselbach were certainly delighted to receive the World Money Fair Award during the gala dinner. 

Dr. Peter Huber, Günther Waadt and Dr. Thomas Dress receive the award Coin of the Year for the first time in history. Photo: WMF.

The creators of the Polymer-coin rejoiced even more when the first commemorative coin “Planet Erde” was awarded the Coty. Although Germany has won subcategories of the Coin of the Year Award a few select times in the past, no German coin has ever been the “winner of winners” in the competition.

The new owners of the Royal Dutch Mint presented visitors with a new special coin, only issued at the World Money Fair. Photo: WMF.

The guest of honour, the Royal Dutch Mint, was also blessed with a lot of attention. They had brought a giant balancier for the first strike of the “Löwentaler”. But their other offers, which were specially tailored for the World Money Fair, were also received with great success. 

And for anyone who missed the convention: They next World Money Fair will take place from February 1 to 3, 2019, again at the Estrel Congress Centre. Guest of honour will then be Austria. 

Here you will find the website of the World Money Fair.

Have you seen the MünzenMarkt, we have issued on occasion of the World Money Fair in collaboration with Philapress?