Important coin collection stolen in France

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June 6, 2013 – An entire (and fairly comprehensive) coin collection was stolen from a private home near Paris, France probably around May 23, 2013. The collector discovered the burglary when he returned from a trip. Apparently the whole house was searched, but the coins were the only items the thieves took with them.
If you have any information regarding these coins please contact Michel Prieur.

1. ‘British Commonwealth’ (includes predecessor and successor states) coins from 1600 to 2000 by type, no gold, with commemoratives. Rather complete, including:

  • (mostly small) Anglo-Hanoverian coins and tokens (Notgeld) of Hannover and Westfalen.
  • Northumberland shilling, godless florin
  • Copper Mughal coins, rather complete collection of Kutch (machine-struck), nice group of Maldive Islands coins, Indian famine token
  • Seychelles and Mauritius complete until around 2000
  • British co-op tokens
  • British transportation tokens, complete (12 pcs) set of zodiac transportation tokens
  • British gaming tokens
  • British 18th and 19th century tokens
  • South African tokens
  • Engraved Irish coins from the period of the ‘troubles’

2. Dutch royal coins by type and mintmaster (rather complete, including gold – the 5 gulden Wilhelmina is a forgery.) Complete series of commemoratives not in coin card. Around 50 coins of the republic, most copper and some silver, some large pieces. Also:

  • extensive group of Dutch colonial coins, some plantation tokens
  • plastic event and pub tokens
  • gas, electricity, coffee machine, bike tax and other modern Dutch tokens

3. French coins by type, no gold, rather complete after 1848. Some earlier pieces.

  • About 1000 French tokens, mainly of the period 1916-1923, nice grade
  • Some Monnerons and Mint visit medals

4. Coins of other European countries, generally rather complete from decimalization, by type, no gold, many commemoratives (Austria, Portugal, Poland, Denmark) including:

  • Swedish gaming tokens
  • Danish stamp money
  • Sardinia, 100 lire 1835 gold, traces of mounting on the reverse
  • Russian transportation and telephone tokens

5. US coins by type, no gold, rather incomplete before the Barber coins, but including:

  • flowing hair half dollar
  • large group of tax tokens and some political tokens
  • Philippine lepra colony coins

6. Coins of the rest of the world, rather incomplete, except for Argentina, Chile, Peru and Taiwan. Includes

  • Fairly complete group of coins of Harar
  • Large group of Thai commemoratives

This list was published in the Cointalk forum.