Important Catalogue on the Coinage of the Achaian League

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Steve M. Benner, Achaian League Coinage of the 3rd through 1st centuries B.C.E. Classical Numismatic Group, Lancaster-London 2008. 188 pages, continuously b&w illustrated. Clothbound. Thread stitching. 22 x 28.5 cm. ISBN 978-0-9802-387-0-9. $ 65.

November 11, 2009 – Anyone wanting to identify coins of the Achaian League had to spend a lot of money so far. The existing catalogues were expensive and for the most part long out of stock.
Now Steve M. Benner has written a classification book which provides a perfect overview. The author himself is a collector, a specialized collector to be more precise, and over the decades he has constructed a splendid card record system of all the Achaian League coins known to him. In sum, the book is nothing else than a publication of his collection of material which is made fully available with tables, concordances and indexes and can be used as a wonderful medium for identifying this sort of coins.