Human faces

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Why was the human head the motif on coins for centuries, no, for millennia? And why did that change in the last 200 years? Ursula Kampmann is looking for answers to these questions in her book “Menschengesichter” (“Human faces”), from which the texts in this series are taken.

Part 1: The Father of the God, Zeus, in Olympia

Part 2: Athena and Athens

Part 3: The Nymph of the Spring Arethusa

Part 4: Philip II as Hegemon of Greece

Part 5: Greek Art – Celtic Art

Part 6: The 30 Pieces of Silver

Part 7: Alexander the Great

Part 8: A Body is Kidnapped

Part 9: The Battle of Macedonia against Rome

Part 10: In the Face of the Enemy

Part 11: The Ides of March

Part 12: Augustus, Peacemaking Emperor or Mass Murderer?

Part 13: Nero’s Only Diplomatic Success

Part 14: Hadrian, Citizen of the World

Part 15: A Drug-Addicted Emperor

Part 16: The Fratricide of Caracalla

Part 17: Who should pay?

Part 18: A Fine Specimen of an Emperor

Part 19: The Saint of the Heathens

Part 20: An Ancient Power Woman

Part 21: Where is God?

Part 22: The boy from Apulia

Part 23: Beginnings of the War of Roses or the idle king

Part 24: The woman in charge of Zurich

Part 25: The Saint of Halberstadt

Part 26: Viva il popolo

Part 27: Stupor Mundi

Part 28: Fight for Sicily

Part 29: The Doge, powerless ruler over a mighty empire

Part 30: The Hercules of Ferrara

Part 31: The Condottieri, winners in every war

Part 32: Murder in Milan

Part 33: Il Moro and Leonardo

Part 34: A “terrible” Pope

Part 35: A girl gets herself a husband

Part 36: Charles V – Territories as far as the eye can see

Part 37: Francis I, “Traitor of Christendom”

Part 38: Henry VIII and the second of his six wives

Part 39: The price of power

Part 40: The pirate queen

Part 41: Augsburg and the Thirty Years’ War

Part 42: The Duke of Friedland

Part 43: The thrifty Sun King

Part 44: Flight to Varennes

Part 45: The birth of liberty

Part 46: “When you call, my Fatherland”

Part 47: The frivolous Vreneli

Part 48: Simón Bolívar, South America’s heroic freedom fighter