Cayón Subastas

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Highly Important Spanish Coins at Cayón Subastas

Cayón Subastas offers in their extraordinary auction on 27th January 2022 785 lots of highly important coins mainly from Spain. Internet live bidding will start at 4.00 PM (Madrid). The exceptional sale features the important collections:

  • 1/2 escudos collection (151 lots)
  • Philippines – Manila – countermarks collection (19 lots)
  • Jose Napoleon collection (95 lots)
  • Fernando VII collection (518 lots)

The sale includes a group of almost hundred gold 8 escudos as well as complete groups from Cataluña, Madrid, Lima, Mexico, several very rare and scarce coins, dozens of varieties, overdates and an outstanding group of coins made during the last third of 20th century which has been out of the market for more than 25 years.

Lot 4001: Felipe V. Madrid. 1/2 escudo. 1738. JF. Edge filling (from 10 to 1). Maybe ex jewelry. Almost Very Fine+, some original luster in the reverse. Only five known. Extremely rare. Starting price: 2.800 EUR.

Half Escudo Collection (1/2 Escudo)

The Half Escudo Collection includes extremely rare Felipe V Madrid and Sevilla 1738 issues (only 5 known from Madrid issue), another very rare Carlos III Sevilla 1786 issue, nine different rare issues of Carlos IV, and another eight rare Fernando VII Lima coins as well as half dozen of rare and scarce issues of Fernando VII from Mexico.

Lot 4170: Isabel II. Manila. 8 escudos. (1834-37). Countermark YII. Host 8 escudos Colombian Rep. Popayan 1828 FM. Marks on obverse. Almost Very Fine+, countermark Extremely Fine-, few original luster in the reverse. Attractive. Extremely rare. Starting price: 45.000 EUR.

Philippine-Manila-Countermark Collection

The Philippine-Manila-Countermark Collection features a rare Fernando VII 1828 with no legend, another terrific Isabel II host Chile crown and the extraordinary rare 8 escudos from Isabel II host 8 e Popayan 1828.

Lot 4258: Jose Napoleon. Madrid. 320 reales. 1810. AI. Some hairlines in the obverse. Tiny mark in the neck. Light scratch in the cheek and neck. Almost Extremely Fine/ Extremely Fine+, original luster in obverse and most of original luster in reverse. Attractive reverse. Very rare, much more in this condition. Starting price: 12.000 EUR.

Jose Napoleon Collection

The Jose Napoleon Collection includes an extraordinary 2 1/2 pesetas 1808 FDC/UNC+ and extremely rare 1810, 5 pesetas 1814 Cataluña, three dates of 20 pesetas, three dates of 320 reales 1810 -assayers AI and RS- and 1812.

Lot 4348: Fernando VII. Cataluña. 8 escudos. 1813. SF. Light hairlines in obverse. Tiny metal defect in the neck and another one in the seal. Better than Extremely Fine+, almost its full original luster. Very attractive engravers work. Very rare, much more in this gorgeous condition. Starting price: 8.000 EUR.

Fernando VII Collection

The Fernando VII Collection features a nice Caracas series including rare issues like 4 reales 1819 and 1820, seven rare 8 reales Cataluña, a terrific Cataluña gold series including 8 escudos 1813 and 1814, a very rare 8 escudos Guadalajara 1813, another rare 8 escudos Guatemala 1817. Moreover, another rare Lima 1808, an exceptional 20 reales Madrid AU/FDC, the very rare silver crown DG 1833, three nice 8 escudos Madrid 1814, 1816 over 5 and 1819, two 320 reales 1822 and 1823, another 8 escudos Popayan 1815, 2 escudos Chile 1812 over 9, a very rare 2/4 real Santo Domingo, silver crown Valencia 1811.


All 785 lots of the auction can be viewed in the online catalog.

For further information about the auction house, visit the website of Cayón.