Harald Salvesen (1928-2016)

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by Ursula Kampmann
translated by Annika Backe

September 8, 2016 – After a long illness, the Norwegian collector Harald Salvesen (1928-2016) passed away. He was a true coin enthusiast, an admirer of everything beautiful, and a gentleman of the old style. With his tall stature and his blue Viking eyes he was an impressive figure at international coin fairs and exceptional coin auctions for many years. 

Harald loved coins. And if he wanted to have a coin he did not allow anybody to snatch it away from him. No one who was present will ever forget the way Harald bid for an Athenian didrachm in New York once. When one of the attendees dared to counter his bid, he rose and turned around, to fix a threatening gaze on his opponent. Of course, Harald came out as winner of the specimen for which he had to pay $15,000 – nothing considering the rarity of the coin. 

We had missed Harald Salvesen already for several years. For reasons of health, he was no longer able to leave his farm. Beth, his longtime wife, devoted a poem to him, written by Norwegian poet Odd Borretzen: I hoist my weary sails, I cast off and go.  Now I’m actually ready my friend

The community of coin enthusiasts mourns with the big family of Harald Salvesen for a loveable man who had a passion for numismatics.

We intend to publish a more comprehensive obituary in one of the upcoming issues.