Greek Colonisation: New Data, Current Approaches

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April 7, 2016 – The Proceedings of the Scientific Meeting entitled “Greek Colonisation: New Data, Current Approaches” have been published. The Meeting, organised by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection in the context of the exhibition “The Europe of Greece: Colonies and Coins from the Alpha Bank Collection”, was held on February 6, 2015.

Polyxeni Adam-Veleni and Dimitra Tsangari (eds.), Greek Colonisation: New Data, Current Approaches. Athens, Alpha Bank 2015. Includes Greek summaries. 228 pages. Hardcover. 21×30 cm. ISBN: 978-618-5072-16-2. 20 euros.

The publication was edited by Dr Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Director of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and Dr Dimitra Tsangari, Curator of the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection.
The publication includes thirteen papers on the Greek Colonisation written by historians, archaeologists and experts in numismatics from Greece, Italy, Ukraine and Australia.

This is the table of contents: 

Polyxeni Adam-Veleni:
Macedonia and Magna Graecia: Selective Affinities

Maria Costanza Lentini, Jari Pakkanen, Apostolos Sarris:
Naxos of Sicily in the 5th Century BC: New Research

Elena Klenina: The Dorian Colony of Chersonesos in Taurica:
Historical and Economic Aspects of the Development in the Hellenistic Period

Manolis Manoledakis:
Greek Colonisation in the Southern Black Sea from the Viewpoint of the Local Populations

Massimo Osanna:
Sanctuaries and Cults in pre-Roman Pompeii

Elias K. Petropoulos:
Ancient Greek Colonisation and Modern Scholarship: Colonial Endeavours in the Black Sea Region

Michalis Petropoulos:
Excavating an Ancient Greek Colony: the Case of Sybaris in South Italy

Dimitris Roubis:
The Leukania of Magna Graecia: Archaeological Data from Basilicata (Southern Italy)

Evangelia Stefani:
Before Colonisation: Mycenaeans in the Mediterranean

Domna Terzopoulou:
Anacharsis: the Travels of a Wise Scythian Man through Greek History

Dimitra Tsangari:
Images of the Sea on the Coins of Ancient Greek Colonies

Panagiotis Tselekas:
From the Aegean to the Mediterranean: Northern Greek Silver in Southern Italy and Sicily in the 5th century BC

Gocha Tsetskhladze:
The Greek Colonisation of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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