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Great Selection at Emporium Hamburg’s Fall Auctions

From November 08 until 12, 2021 the Auction 95 — Coins & Medals and the Auction 96 — Banknotes & Emergency Money will take place at Emporium Hamburg. Due to the current situation, it is not possible to welcome bidders in the auction floor during the auctions. However, Emporium Hamburg offers you the possibility to participate online, by telephone or by written bid. On the company’s website you will find all important information about live bidding. Auction viewing of the lots is possible by appointment until November 05, 2021, subject to compliance with hygiene regulations. To make an appointment, please contact Emporium Hamburg at +49 40 25799-137.

Auction 95: Coins and Medals from Ancient to Modern Times

In Auction 95 every coin friend will encounter an extensive offer with over 3,200 coins and medals from ancient to modern times. With almost 1,000 lots this year’s fall auction offers a wide-ranging and high-quality selection of ancient coins. In addition, in an extensive selection of World and German States rarities bidders will find numerous gold coins as well as an exquisite selection of coins from the German Empire — multiple rare gold coins in outstanding condition!

Lot 2237: United States of America. 20 Dollars, 1907, Philadelphia. St. Gaudens, High Relief. Very rare, ef-sunc. VAT free. Estimate: 9,800 euros.

The title piece of this auction can be found in the section “United States of America” (lots 2101-2293). It is the very rare 20 Dollars 1907 St. Gaudens (High Relief) from Philadelphia. This extremely attractive gold coin was minted in a limited edition of 12,367 pieces and is considered to be the masterpiece par excellence of A. Saint-Gaudens (lot 2237, estimated price: € 9,800.00).

Lot 72: Greece / Macedonia. Alexander the Great (336-323 BC). AV Stater, posthumous under Seleucus (317-311), Babylon. Ef. Estimated price: 2,950 euros.

Greek Coins

The first highlights of our Auction 95 can be found in the section of “Greek coins” (lots 1-318). Here you should definitely note the exquisite AV Stater of the famous Greek conqueror Alexander the Great (336-323 BC). This well-known Greek gold coin was minted posthumously under Seleucus (317-311 BC) as Satrap of Babylon (lot 72, estimated price: € 2,950.00). Surely you are also familiar with the expression “carrying owls to Athens”, which describes something superfluous. In contrast, your bids for the world-famous tetradrachm from Athens are indispensable (lot 143, estimated price: € 600.00).

Lot 363: Roman Republic. P. Sepullius Macer (44 BC). AR Denarius, Rome. Magnificent specimen with expressive portrait, n.ef. Estimate: 4,250 euros.

Roman Coins

After Greek coins, the “Roman coins” (lots 319-724) come under the hammer. A specimen of a Denarius with an expressive portrait of the mourning Marcus Antonius (42-30 BC) deserves special attention. The reverse depicts an artistic rider, possibly referring to the Ludi Veneris Genetricis (Games in Honour of Venus) (lot 363, estimated price: € 4,250.00). This wonderful Denarius coinage is the only one from the year of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC!

Lot 405: Roman Empire. Claudius (41-54). AV Aureus (49-50), Rome. Rare, vf+/vf Estimate: 6,500 euros.

Are you looking for Roman aurei? Then you should keep an eye on the following coins: the rare Aurei in above-average condition of Emperor Claudius (41-54) (lot 405, estimated price: € 6,500.00) and Emperor Vespasian (69-70) (lot 430, estimated price: € 4,750.00). An absolute highlight is the splendid specimen with the expressive portrait of the wife of Marcus Aurelius (161-180), Faustina II. (130-176), in ef+ condition (lot 511, estimated price: € 10,000.00).

Lot 733: Byzantine Empire. Anastasius I (491-518). AV Solidus, Constantinople. Magnificent specimen, ef+. Estimate: 500 euros.

Byzantine Coins

Those looking for precious solidi and the well-known “Schüsselmünzen” (“bowl coins”) with Christian symbolism are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in the “Byzantine Coins” section (lots 725-960). The long reign of Anastasius I (491-518) proved to be stabilizing the empire in the administrative, financial and military domains. This emperor was immortalized on a magnificent specimen of a Solidus in the condition ef+ (lot 733, estimated price: € 500.00). A splendid specimen of a Solidus in the condition n.ef/ef from Constantinople by the first ruler of the Justinian dynasty (518-578 or 602), Justin I (518-527), will be auctioned (lot 749, estimated price: € 500.00). The almost uncirculated specimen of a Solidus of emperor Heraclius (610-641) (lot 834, estimated price: € 500.00) will certainly cause breathtaking excitement in the upcoming bidding duel. Heraclius was one of the most important Byzantine emperors and can be regarded as the last ruler of Late Antiquity and the first emperor of the Middle Byzantine Empire.

Lot 1503: Iceland. 10.000 Kronur 1974. Limited Edition: 12.000, 1100 years foundation of the first State 874-1974. Motif: Ingulfur Arnason. Unc. Estimate: 750 euros.

World Coins and Medals

After ancient coins follows the extensive section of “World Coins and Medals” (lots 965-2300) from Afghanistan to the Central American Republic with numerous collections, individual pieces and gold coinage from Europe and overseas. Those who are looking for unique “ship coins” are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in the sections Bolivia (lots 1032-1105) and Peru (lots 1716-1806). Many exceptional gold and silver coinages in top condition (unc and Proof) and mostly in original boxes as well as with certificate are offered in a collection in the section Iceland (lots 1475-1531). A representative example to mention is the 3 coins set commemorating the 1,100th anniversary of the foundation of the First State with 500 (silver), 1,000 (silver) and 10,000 Kronur (gold) of 1974 in the condition proof, plus in the original box and with certificate (lot 1489, estimated price: € 850.00). Special mentioned should also be the 10,000 Kronur gold coin 1974 on the occasion of the foundation of Iceland 1,100 years ago with the motif “Ingulfur Arnason” in uncirculated condition (lot 1503, estimated price: € 750.00). The settlement of Iceland began under the navigator Ingulfur Arnason.

Lot 1124: Chile. Ferdinand VII. (1808-1818). 8 Escudos 1816 FJ, Santiago. Ss/vz. VAT free. Estimate: 1,500 euros.

Noteworthy from Chile (lots 1124-1125) is the 8 Escudos gold coin of Ferdinand VII (1808-1818) in the condition vf/ef (lot 1124, estimated price: € 1,500.00). This excellent gold coin is guaranteed to cause exciting bidding battles. Collectors of the Czechoslovakia area (lots 2019-2031) will be thrilled by the magnificent “Wenzel-ducats” with various vintages in top condition. We would especially like to recommend the Ducat 1928 in nearly uncirculated condition (lot 2022, estimated price: € 2,000.00).

Lot 2351. Thematic medals. Olympia, Germany. Gold medal 1972 i.o. XX Olympic Summer Games Munich. Min.scratches, ef of proof. Estimate: 360 euros.

Thematic Medals

In the section “Thematic Medals” Emporium Hamburg will offer a variety of different coinages (lots 2301-2409). Whether politicians, animal motifs or medals by Karl Goetz — something for every collector. An exciting bidding duel is promised by a very detailed Gold medal 1972 (fineness .999) on the occasion of the XX Olympic Summer Games in Munich in the condition ef proof (lot 2351, estimated price: € 360.00). Certainly, many collectors will also be delighted by the large collection of Porcelain coins (lots 2369-2397) with extremely low starting prices.

Lot 2542. German States. Prussia. Frederick William I the “Soldier King” (1713-1740). Wilhelm’s d’or =10 Thaler, 1737 EGN. Very rare, vf/n.ef. Estimate: 7,200 euros.

German States

Among the section “German States” (lots 2410-2905) a wonderful Double ducat from Bavaria in condition ef (lot 2516, estimated price: € 4,200.00) of the famous founder of the “Catholic League” Maximilian I (1598-1651) stands out especially. Auctioned will be also a rare Thaler minted during the reign of Joachim Ernst of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1603-1625) in top condition ef-unc (lot 2529, estimated price: € 2,000.00), and an attractive piece of a so-called „Klappmützentaler“ n.d. of the reign of Friedrich III, Georg and Johann (1500-1508) from Saxony (lot 2710, estimated price: € 1,800.00). For collectors of gold coins from Prussia this auction is guaranteed to offer many rarities. The very rare Wilhelms d’or of the “Soldier King” Friedrich Wilhelm I (1713-1740) in the condition vf/n.ef will ensure exciting bidding duels (lot 2542, estimated price: € 7,200.00).

Lot 2950. German Empire. Hesse. Louis III. (1848-1877). 2 Mark 1876 H. J.66. Magnificent specimen, rare in condition. Unc. Estimate: 8,500 euros.

Silver Coins of the German Empire

Equal qualities and rarities can be found among the “Silver Coins of the German Empire” (lots 2906-3046), including a rare piece of the 3 Mark 1918 D on the occasion of the Golden Wedding of King Ludwig III (1845-1921) and Queen Marie of Bavaria (1849-1919) on 20.02.1918 in uncirculated condition (lot 2939, estimated price: € 1,800.00). In the absence of silver, about 100 strikes were minted on cardboard, of which only a few specimens are still on the market today. A nice specimen of the 2 Mark 1876 H of Ludwig III from Hesse (1848-1877) in rare uncirculated condition (lot 2950, J.66, estimated price: € 8,500.00) is on a comparably high level.

Lot 3095. German Empire. Prussia. Wilhelm I (1861-1888). 10 Mark, 1878 B, Hanover. Limited Edition: 14,588. Of the utmost rarity, n.unc. Estimate: 79,000 euros.

Gold Coins of the German Empire

In the domain of gold coins from this exciting period of German history (lots 3047-3122), the extremely rare 10 Mark 1878 B Hanover with a limited edition of 14,588 pieces in almost uncirculated condition (lot 3095, J.245, estimated price: € 79,000.00) is definitely worth mentioning. A very rare specimen of the 20 Mark 1875 B with a mintage of 1,500 of the reign of Henry XXII (1859-1902) from the Principality of Reuss-Greiz is also worth the attention (lot 3107, J.254, estimated price: € 58,000.00).

Lot 3191. Weimar Republic. 5 Reichsmark, 1932 A. Goethe. J.351, magnificent specimen. Unc. Estimate: 3,200 euros.

Weimar Republic and Dependencies

In the area of the coins of the “Weimar Republic” (lots 3123-3195), the Reichsmark coins with the motif “Goethe” (lots 3191-3193) will delight many coin and literature friends. A piece of jewelry is the magnificent specimen of the 5 Reichsmark 1932 A in uncirculated condition (lot 3191, J.351, estimated price: € 3,200.00). The “Dependencies” (lots 3206-3268) follow with a very rare example of the 25 Gulden 1923 from Danzig (lot 3216, J.D10, estimated price: € 10,000.00). In the section of “Colonies” (lots 3225-3264), the ½ Mark 1894 A in proof condition from German New Guinea (lot 3226, J.704, estimated price: € 840.00) and the 15 Rupees 1916 T with long arabesque in condition ef-unc (lot 3262, J.728b, estimated price: € 4,500.00) deserve a lot of attention.

Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic

The “Federal Republic of Germany” (lots 3269-3279) is also represented with numerous well-known circulating coins, but also desirable Euro gold coins. The Auction 95 – Coins & Medals will finish with the “German Democratic Republic” (lots 3280-3289) with many numismatic rarities, even for the advanced collector.

Lot 4280. Federal Republic of Germany from 1948. Bank of German States notes, 1948-1949. 100 German marks 1948. L/B, red hundred. I. Estimated price: 2,000 euros.

Auction 96 – Banknotes & Emergency Money

The Auction 96 – Banknotes & Emergency Money starts on November 12, 2021. Almost 600 lots will be auctioned and you as a collector of banknotes & emergency money will certainly find many rarities to supplement or complete your collection. You can already look forward to an exciting auction day!

The title piece 100 Deutsche Mark 1948, L/B, “Red Hundred” in condition I (lot 4280, estimated price: € 2,000.00) deserves a lot of attention. In addition, also the emergency note 50 Mark 1922 from Bielefeld (lot 4429, estimated price: € 300.00) and interesting series such as Bank Deutscher Länder (lots 4263-4306) and Bundesbank (lots 4307-4348) will be auctioned.

Lot 4131. Netherlands. De Nederlandsche Bank. 1000 guilders 02.06.1994(1996). PMG 65ZPQ. Estimated price: 800 euros.

Are you looking for international banknotes? Then we have the following highlights for you: 20 Shillings 1946 in condition I/I- from British West Africa (lot 4030, estimated price: € 200.00) and 1000 Gulden 1994 (1996) from the Netherlands Bank (lot 4131, estimated price: € 800.00) and many more. The exceptional range of rare world banknotes from Africa, Asia and South America and many more promises to delight the collector’s heart.


The team of the numismatic department of Emporium Hamburg is looking forward to an active participation in our Auctions 95 & 96 and is at your disposal for detailed information regarding catalogue ordering, telephone bidding, online live bidding etc. at any time!

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