Game of luck: exhibition in Neuchâtel

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January 9, 2014 – ‘Money – Game – Stake’ this is the title and subject of the big annual display in the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. The exhibition runs until August 31, 2014 and cooperates with various experts on that field among which the Numismatic Cabinet of Neuchâtel.

This poster shows 16 portraits (taken in the casino of Neuchâtel by Benjamin Visinand, a local artist and student of photography in Berlin) and 16 texts from literature.

Objects of art, artistic installations, objects of everyday life and especially made-up gaming machines help the visitors to get an idea of the world of the games of luck, of the various parties involved, like players, casinos, and even the state itself.

In this installation visitors may deposit their own lucky charm and reflect by doing so over their different ideas of superstition.

Topics like superstition and lucky charms are also presented.

A catalogue has been published featuring many articles written by experts delving much deeper into the subject.

The coin cabinet will address the question what money means to gamblers and non-gamblers.


With this light machine visitors experience immediately how legal modifications influence finance: the revenues of casinos and lottery, the money that goes to the cantons, and the social costs required for assisting those addicted to gambling.

Current developments in Switzerland regarding legal changes are also discussed since they involve many different parties and a lot of fields (financial, political, social, medical …).

Thanks to the numerous experts with very different backdrops the exhibition is multifaceted and attracts the visitors to get a grip on the intriguing world of games of luck.

More information on this exhibition are available on the website of the museum.