Frankfurter Münzhandlung Reopened

The Frankfurter Münzhandlung can look back on a long history.
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At the beginning of this year, a long-standing tradition in the field of cutting-edge numismatics was reestablished. The “Frankfurter Münzhandlung” reopened in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The initiative of the auction house’s reopening and reestablishing has been put forward by a company in Switzerland. The expert team of the renowned Zurich-based coin auction house SINCONA International Coin Auction AG, headed by Jürg Richter and Arne Kirsch, decided to take this step.

The managing executive of Frankfurter Münzhandlung Nachfolge GmbH is Arne Kirsch. He is not only part of the SINCONA AG team, but also the current President of the IAPN (International Association of Professional Numismatists) and a sworn expert in court (numismatic expert) for coins and medals of the Middle Ages and modern period accredited and licensed by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. As such, he is committed to the values of quality, competence and discretion in international numismatics.

Arne Kirsch has a straight-forward answer to the question of what motivated the SINCONA team to foster the renaissance of the German auction house of long-standing tradition: “Customer benefit and customer friendliness. To put it in plain terms: we want to make more options available to our customers by offering them new possibilities. The business model is easy: two international locations with ideal infrastructures, a renowned team of experts – more possibilities for our customers from all over the world.”

What advantages does Frankfurter Münzhandlung offer its customers? “If you consign your coins through us,” Arne Kirsch says, “you can sell more flexibly and more in line with the market. Irrespective of the important option of having another foothold in the market environment of the strongest economy in the European Union, our team and our customers can make use of countless opportunities to sell collections or individual pieces of premium quality specifically aimed at certain target groups. This is the decisive benefit and direct customer advantage we have in mind.”

Ultimately, Arne Kirsch adds: “We are very happy about bringing the old tradition of the “Frankfurter Münzhandlung” back to life. It is an exciting challenge for all of us – for me, seeing as I am originally from Germany, but also for my Swiss colleagues.”

The History of Frankfurter Münzhandlung

In 1874, numismatist Adolph Emil Cahn founded a coin dealership in Frankfurt/Main. As a family-owned company, over the following decades, it became one of the most important places to go for anyone dealing in coins in Germany.

In 1935, two years after the National Socialists had seized power, the family-owned company of Adolph E. Cahn was passed to Elisabeth Button, who had worked at the dealership for many years. The business was renamed “Frankfurter Münzhandlung E. Button” and the new owner successfully navigated it through politically turbulent times to the post-war Germany of the economic boom. After her passing in 1963, her husband Georg Ruprecht Wolf took over the company’s management.

In 1988, the Schweizerische Bankverein acquired the Frankfurter Münzhandlung E. Button and continued its workings as an affiliated company of the Swiss Bank under the name of “Frankfurter Münzhandlung GmbH”. Until 1999, 21 auctions were held and significant collections were sold – including Auction 131: Coins of Frederick the Great, Auction 125: Pharmacia & Medicina in Nummis, Auction 142: Coins of Jülich-Cleve-Berg and Cologne, and Auction 140: Palatinate Coins.

The Experts Behind the Reopening

Well-known names in numismatics represent competence, quality and trust: Jürg Richter, Arne Kirsch, Michael Hardmeier and Ruedi Kunzmann. They manage the Swiss coin auction house SINCONA AG in Zurich – founded in 2011 when the numismatic department of the UBS was closed. In addition, Michael Autengruber from Constance works as an external consultant in the field of orders and decorations. This internationally-renowned team of experts brings the old tradition of Frankfurter Münzhandlung back to life and guarantees an exciting present with important auctions in Frankfurt/Main.

The Direct Advantages for Customers

This offers a decisively expanded portfolio of solutions for the ideal selling of customers’ coins, medals, orders and decorations in line with the market. The combination of both locations in Frankfurt/Main, the central transport hub of Germany and the European Union, and Zurich, the Swiss center of finances, offers more and new possibilities.

Consignments for the upcoming fall auction in November of 2019 are being accepted as of now.

Contact Information:

Frankfurter Münzhandlung
Nachfolge GmbH
Bornwiesenweg 34
60322 Frankfurt a. M.

Phone: +49(0)69–955 18 226

More information is available on the website of Frankfurter Münzhandlung.

The managing executive of Frankfurter Münzhandlung Arne Kirsch was also introduced in the Who’s Who section of CoinsWeekly.