Finland has issued an ice hockey collector coin

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May 3, 2012 – On the decision of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland has published a collector coin on 13th April 2012 in honour of the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The company celebrated the release of the collector coin in advance in the Kamppi shopping Centre in Helsinki on 5th April. At the event, all ice hockey fans could purchase the coin in advance for its nominal value of five euros.
In this advance marketing event, everybody could buy the ice hockey coin for five euros in a circulation grade quality without packaging, as well as a polished version of the coin packed in a folder telling the story of the coin.

“It is fair to say that ice hockey is the national sport of Finland, as approximately 1.7 million Finns watch ice hockey. We are happy with the decision by the Finnish Ministry of Finance to acknowledge the Finnish ice hockey fans with a miniature sculpture like this collector coin”, says Henna Karjalainen, the Communications Director of Mint of Finland.

The ice hockey coin of the decade
A total of 120,000 of the 2012 Ice Hockey World Championship collector coins are minted. Of these, 20,000 are minted in polished, i.e. in proof quality, and 180,000 as circulation coins, i.e. in UNC quality.

The Ice hockey coin minted by Mint of Finland is now available.

The ring of the collector coin, which weighs 9.8 grams, is made of aluminium bronze and the centre is copper-nickel. The coin’s diameter is 27.25 millimetres. This 2012 Ice Hockey World Championship collector coin is designed by architect Petri Neuvonen.
The reverse side of the collector coin depicts a player with the puck at a face-off, when the score is still even. The obverse side depicts a puck flying into the goal, the conclusion of the match.
In previous decades, Mint of Finland has released, authorised by the Ministry of Finance, collector coins for Ice Hockey World Championships in 2003, 1991 and 1982.

In addition to the collector coins, Mint of Finland also offers Ice Hockey World Championship coin sets approved by IIHF, which records all this year’s circulation coins as freshly minted matt BU versions.
Officially the 2012 Ice Hockey World Championship collector coin is available for sale since 13th April.

For more information on this coin go to the Mint of Finland website.

To see the results of IIHF, visit the official website.