Finland commemorates 100 years of independence

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June 29, 2017 – On June 1, 2017 2.5 million commemorative 2 Euro coins were released to commemorate 100 years of Finnish independence. Mint of Finland’s factory in Vantaa celebrated the first strike of this coin issue with a visit by Governor Erkki Liikanen of the Bank of Finland.

During the official starting of the production Governor Erkki Liikanen of the Bank of Finland attended.

“Banknotes and coins belong together, complement each other. Together with the Ministry of Finance and Mint of Finland, the Bank of Finland makes sure that the Finnish people have access to the tender they need”, says Governor Erkki Liikanen.
“Special coins are legal tender in the eurozone and thus spread the word about our centenary as the coins circulate in Europe. It is fantastic to be able to celebrate Finland’s century of independence together with the Bank of Finland”, says CEO Jonne Hankimaa of Mint of Finland.

The national side of Finland’s new commemorative coin.

The national side of the commemorative coin is the work of designer Simon Örnberg, who also designed the Independent Finland 100 Years gold coin. The commemorative coin features a mosaic forming the cartographic image of Finland. According to Örnberg, this represents Finland as an increasingly open society integrated and networked with the surrounding world.

The designs and release of commemorative two-euro coins is up to the individual euro countries and the Central Bank of Europe approves their mintages. The reverse of those coins is identical to normal circulation pieces, while the national side of the coin bears a special themed image.

Each euro state is permitted to release two commemorative two-euro coins into circulation each year. They are legal tender everywhere in the euro-zone, which means that vendors are obliged to accept them as payment.

For more information on the Mint of Finland go to the mint’s website.

Due to the Finance Minister’s personal intervention Mint of Finland had to withdraw another coin series dedicated to the jubilee. We reported about it.

This is the official website of the centenary’s celebration.