Festschrift for Ilya Prokopov

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December 20, 2012 – A new volume of essays has just been published in honour of Dr Ilya S. Prokopov, one of the leading Bulgarian numismatists and a world expert on modern counterfeits of ancient coins. He is best renowned for his die-studies on the Late Hellenistic silver coinages of Thasos (Berlin 2006) and the Macedonian Regions (Wetteren 2012).

E. Paunov, S. Filipova (editors), Herakleos Soteros Thasion, Studies in honour of Ilya Prokopov for his 60th birthday from his friends and pupils. Faber Press, Veliko Tarnovo, 2012. 912 pp. Hardcover, 60 x 84 cm. ISBN 978-954-400-717-1. 49.98 Euro / 100.00 BGN.

The new volume contains 47 contributions from distinguished scholars like M. H. Crawford, F. de Callatay, D. MacDonald, K. Liampi, C. Lorber, C. Marinescu, Y. Touratsoglou, S. Kremydi, D. Ujes-Morgan and many others, as well as from a number of younger students in ancient and medieval numismatics.
Essays cover a vast variety of topics – 33 of them are devoted to numismatic studies (with an emphasis on Hellenistic and Roman coinages) and 14 – to the archaeology and ancient history of the Balkans.

You can find more information and order the book on the Faber website.

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