Egypt and Alexandria. A brief numismatic survey

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In this series Ursula Kampmann invites you to a trip though the history of Egypt and its capital Alexandria by its coinage.

Part 1
In this text you will learn how the Ptolemies managed to get rich thanks to their coins, and how the Jews figured into it.

Part 2
This episode focuses on the conflict between the Jews and the Greeks in Alexandria.

Part 3
In this part we will have a look at the coins of Antoninus Pius with their astrological-astronomical background and the following time which was a difficult one for Alexandria.

Part 4
This episode is about Caracalla’s bloody visit to Alexandria and the turbulent 3rd century when Alexandria became a divided city.

Part 5
In the final episode you become a witness to the revolt of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, and Alexandria’s transition into late antique times.