East India Company to mint again legal tender

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March 29, 2012 – In 1677 Charles II granted the East India Company the right to mint its own legal tender in their territories. Now the East India Company issues again coins that will be minted by the Royal Mint.
In 2005 an Indian entrepreneur bought the East India Company from many shareholders and has now relaunched the company as a luxury brand. In addition to fine food, real estate and fashion the East India Company is now issuing coins with traditional motifs. The silver cash will be available as 1/2oz and 1oz coins corresponding to 10p and 20p respectively and featuring the peacock as symbol of immortality. The gold Mohur proof coin shows a lion and a palm tree; one Mohur equals one pound, the half Mohur 50p. The coins will be available in the London store and through a network of bullion traders.

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