Dutch 5 Euro coin celebrates Peace Palace

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September 26, 2013 – On the 26th of August, the Dutch Ministry of Finance issued a new Dutch 5 Euro commemorative coin: the Peace Palace Five Euro (‘Vredespaleis Vijfje’).

Commemorative coin 2013: The Peace Palace Five Euro
The 28th of August 2013 was the 100 year anniversary of the opening of the Peace Palace in The Hague by Queen Wilhelmina. Since that time, the palace has grown into a global symbol of Peace and Justice. The anniversary was being celebrated between the 28th of August and 21st of September, the UN Day of Peace, with a range of events to remind us that we have to continue to work towards a peaceful world.

The Netherlands / 10 euros / .900 gold / 6.72g / 22.5mm / Mintage: 2,000.

The Peace Palace Five Euro is the second 5 Euro commemorative coin with the portrait of King Willem-Alexander. This issue is the fourth and final 5 euro commemorative coin of 2013.

The Peace Palace of The Hague: the beating heart of the international city of Peace and Justice
The monumental Peace Palace, built in neo-Renaissance style, houses the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the library of the Peace Palace and The Hague Academy of International Law.

The Peace Palace. Photo: International Court of Justice.

Every day, thousands of people work in more than 160 international organisations towards a safer and fairer world. This means that the Peace Palace, the beating heart of The Hague as international city of Peace and Justice and of the Netherlands, is a centre of excellence in this field. In the future too, world leaders, lawyers, diplomats and students will head to The Hague to work towards a safer and fairer world.

The design
Designer Thom Puckey chose a simple, clear and open front of the coin, which evokes an image of an upcoming king. Young and visionary, with plenty of space to grow. The wording ‘Willem-Alexander King of the Netherlands’ accentuates this feeling. The back of the coin reflects the feeling of the extravagant, decorative and exuberant interior and architecture of the Peace Palace. A striking mixture of neo styles. The words ‘Arbeid’, ‘Recht’ en ‘Vrede’ (Arbitration, Justice and Peace) originate from various names given to the palace. The judges depicted emphasise the importance of the jurisdiction. The Peace Palace Five Euro shows a striking contrast between the streamlined front and picturesque, spacious back and allows us to give a moment’s thought in a moving way to the dream of world peace that is shared everywhere.

The Netherlands / 5 euros / .925 silver / 15.5g / 33mm / Mintage: 12,500.

The Peace Palace Five Euro in circulation quality in a coin card is available since the 27th of August at branches of PostNL and Post office shops in the Netherlands.

As well as the Peace Palace Five Euro in circulation quality, the Royal Dutch Mint is also striking special issues for collectors.

You can find all the various issues of this coin and more information on the website of The Royal Dutch Mint.

View a 3D image of a test of the Peace Palace Five Euro here.

There are many activities celebrating the centenary of the Peace Palace.

This is the official website of the Peace Palace.

You can visit the Peace Palace also in this video.