Dinosaur Medal Series From Korea

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KOMSCO (Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp.) will release a very unique Dinosaur Series in which distinctive dinosaurs in the cretaceous period discovered in Korean Peninsula are revived with state of the art minting and printing technology.

The 1st is “Koreanosaurus Boseongensis” which is open to the public in 2010 and have been registered its scientific name including name of country and province; “Korea”, “Boseong”; for the first time in Korean Peninsula. The main feature of “Koreanosaurus Boseongensis” is 3-dimensional dinosaur egg medal which is combined to the outer ring background medal. Taking the egg out feels like excavating fossils and inside the egg, you will encounter the bones of a baby dinosaur which were found in Boseong-gun Bibong-ri (natural monument No.418). The reverse features a silhouette image of Korean Dinosaur and its scientific name, e.g. Koreanosaurus boseongensis.

KOMSCO is also a specialist for security printing and combines the dinosaur medal with a Certificate of Authenticity featuring the latest SmartJungle® anti-counterfeit security feature.

In addition, SmartJungle® anti-counterfeit security feature is applied to the card shaped Certificate of Authenticity. On the back side of the card, you will see a “K” inside the egg through using your smart phone “soomuny” App.

The medal will be issued in silver (Ag .999) 408g (core 38g, ring 370g) and copper-nickel (Cu75, Ni25) 26g in September.


You can find the website of the KOMSCO here.

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