Definitions – Work in Progress: Galvanization

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June 12, 2012 – You certainly know the problem: You are using the same word as your business partner, nevertheless you are speaking of completely different things. Different languages, different procedures, different aspects – globalization presents our language competence with completely new challenges. MintWorld wants to contribute to liquidate possibilities of misunderstanding. We are working on an encyclopedia of technical terms used by the coin producing industry. These definitions are thought as basis for discussion. We are looking for the appropriate word in your language. And we are looking for your commentaries.


by Thomas Köninger

Galvanizing is a process using an external electrical source whereby a conductive base material is coated with a metallic layer.  For circulating coins, primarily copper, nickel, tin and bronze, or a combination of those, are used. Gold and silver are used as the coating material for manufacturing medallions. In addition, galvanizing is used for the manufacturing of tools, for example, to improve the wear resistance of imprinting dies using hard chrome plating and PVD coating.
The process is based on an invention by the Italian physicist Luigi Galvani from 1780.