Dated Shekels of Tyre Supplement available as free download

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July 26, 2018 – CNG published and has sold out of the limited hardcover edition of “Dated Coins of Antiquity. Shekels of Tyre – Supplemental Photographs (Release 2)”, 2017, 551 pp. with nearly 1000 photos illustrating the text. DCA-Tyre Release 2 encompasses the most extensive date listing and photographic evidence for these dated shekels and smaller silver denominations struck nearly annually for 191 years, 126 BC through AD 65.

“Dated Coins of Antiquity. Shekels of Tyre – Supplemental Photographs (Release 2)”, 2017, 551 pp. with nearly 1000 photos illustrating the text.

As announced earlier, the author has requested that this book, illustrated above with red cover, be released as a free digital download. DCA-Tyre Release 2 nearly doubles the coverage contained in the first digital release of 2014. This volume does not duplicate the material in the original hardcover Dated Coins of Antiquity (DCA, shown with a blue cover), which cataloged over 6000 coins of the ancient world dated before the millennium divide, 1 BC / AD 1.

Among the more popular sections of “Dated Coins of Antiquity” (pages 501 to 515), has been the date and its rarity listing for the silver shekels of Tyre and the smaller half, quarter and eighth shekels bearing the local god Melkart. In addition to the date written with Greek letters, most of these coins also carry a monogram (usually also in Greek letters) and a Phoenician letter – alef or bet. This second supplement of DCA-Tyre encompasses nearly 1000 different varieties of these shekels, defined by their varying dates, monograms, Phoenician letters and the four denominations in silver. It presents the most comprehensive catalog of the reported dates, monograms and varieties for the shekels of Tyre and its minor silver denominations.
DCA-Tyre Release 2 has a chapter for each denomination and date that the author has confirmed in museums, private collections and the market. It includes nearly 1000 full-size photos and an enlargement of the date, monogram and Phoenician letter (alef or bet). Tables and graphs report the aggregate counts in museums of shekels and half shekels by year. Additional tables summarize the varieties of the shekels and half shekels and monograms each year that are contained in DCA-Tyre. Illustrations depict all the different forms of the monograms and Phoenician letters.

The free DCA-Tyre download is available for direct download on the CNG website, or for online viewing via

From the CNG website you can download the complete DCA Supplement PDF.

On you can view the book online: Part I, Part II.

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