“Dalmatian Dog”: Croatia’s First Coloured Coins

Artist Nikola Vudrag and his model.
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On 21 February 2022, the Croatian National Bank issued Croatia’s first coloured coins in cooperation with the Croatian Mint. They are part of the Dalmatian Dog series started in November 2021 and feature this very dog.

The coloured one ounce gold version with a mintage of exactly 101 pieces sold out within a single week on Croatia’s home market. Only a few specimens of the coloured silver version of 5 ounces with a mintage of 500 pieces are still available in the webshop of the Croatian Mint. On top of this, a gold coin of 1/4 ounces and a mintage of 2,000 pieces was issued as part of this series. It is a wonderful gift for lovers of Pongo, Perdita and all Dalmatian dogs in the world!

Croatia / 20 kuna / silver .999 / 155.515 g / 60 mm / Mintage: 500.

The Acknowledged Home of the Dalmatian Dog

The Dalmatian dog is named after its region of origin: Dalmatia in Croatia. The fact that this breed actually comes from there was officially confirmed by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) in 1994. However, the first scientific description of the Dalmatian Dog can be found in the 1781 work “History of Quadrupeds” by Thomas Pennant, a zoologist and natural scientist from Wales.

There was a good reason for the fact that a resident of the British Isles, of all people, dedicated a scientific description to the Dalmatian Dog: English travellers imported this breed in the early 18th century because its long legs made it excellent coach dogs. Coach dogs were kept to accompany their owners on journeys and to defend them in case of an attack – after all, the roads were much more dangerous back then. By the time travelling became safer, the elegant black spotted Dalmatian dog had long won a place in the hearts of all dog lovers. Therefore, the first Dalmatian Club was founded in England as early as in 1890.

The Dalmatian owes its rise to one of the most famous dog breeds in the world to Walt Disney, who dedicated a funny declaration of love to all its representatives in the film “101 Dalmatians”.

Croatia / 1000 kuna / gold .9999 / 31.103 g / 32 mm / Mintage: 101.

The Design

The coins Dalmatian Dog from the Autochthonous Croatia series show the same motif: on the obverse the coat of arms, the denomination, the name of the country and the head of a Dalmatian dog with the typical spots, which are shaped like the most beautiful Croatian islands. Both coloured issues feature the natural colours of the Dalmatian dog. The background shows a part of the map of the Croatian mainland; the Adriatic Sea is represented by delicate wavy lines.

The obverse presents two Dalmatians with the breed name in Croatian and Latin, in the left field the year.

The design was created by the Croatian artist Nikola Vudrag, who is one of the country’s sculptors with the most international renown. He was inspired by the purebred Dalmatians bred by Pjegava Sanjaska, whose beauty represent exactly what the name of this breed means: a “spotted dream”.


Since 21 February 2022, the coins can be purchased directly from the webshop of the Croatian Mint. The coloured one ounce gold version is already sold out.

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