Cubans not troubling themselves over fake money

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February 12, 2013 – An independent journalist based in Cuba reports that in the Cuban capital Havana many counterfeit banknotes are circulating. The counterfeit 10- and 20-pesos notes are easily to spot with a simple look on the watermark and the paper’s colour. However, nobody cares since until now authorities apparently have not been doing anything about it.
It is obscure who produces these banknotes but everybody accepts them – and gives them on as soon as possible – like the taxi driver who passes the fake notes the next day to his clients. People will care, though, as soon as police will take action against these counterfeits because even the property of counterfeit money can send a person into prison for four to ten years.

An independent journalist based in Havana and writing under the pseudonym of Carlos Rodríguez published an article on this topic on the website of The Institute for War and Peace Reporting.