CoinsWeekly Special Issue for the 2023 NYINC

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By now, print CoinsWeekly Special Issues have become a staple in the world of numismatic major events. They fulfill the exact function CoinsWeekly considers its raison d’être: to build bridges and to bring all actors of the coin business closer together.

Any collector and dealer who attends a coin convention primarily wants one thing: to find the one coin dealer who offers exactly those coins they’re looking for. And yet, most coin collectors will then approach the very dealers they’ve known for years. They might never talk to the coin dealer standing at the booth right next to them.

This is where the CoinsWeekly Special Issue comes in. The magazine offers a platform to present coin dealers, auction houses, institutions, and services. In doing so, it lets the reader, who receives the print magazine for free only at the event, know who to get in touch with – perhaps someone they have already been looking for for a long time. They can prepare for the convention from the comfort of their own home, as the Special Issue is available for download on our website several weeks BEFORE the event.

The CoinsWeekly Special Issue connects customers and dealers. In addition to this practical part, the issue for the New York International Numismatic Convention also contains an extensive article on a popular subject of classical coin collections: the twelve Caesars.

CoinsWeekly Special Issues are published regularly in the context of the most important coin conventions.

The CoinsWeekly Special Issue is both a print and a digital magazine. A copy can be grabbed on site and viewed all over the world at the same time – not for a week, or a month, but for years.


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