CoinsWeekly Coin Records

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September 6, 2018 – You want to be part of CoinsWeekly Coin Records? Then please let us know what record you think you hold. For this, we need the following information:

1.) A declaration stating as precisely as possible what record you are applying for. And it needs to be a record that can be measured unambiguously. For example, the “most beautiful” coin is much too subjective for us to dare making a decision.
2.) A picture which you own all rights of so that you can assign us those rights for any form of publication. Which is what you are doing as part of the submission of your record.
3.) A precise numismatic description in case your record is about a coin / medal / bank note etc.
4) Some sort of evidence proving that your claim is true, e.g. a list of results if you are submitting the most expensive coin, a picture, an independent testimony or a catalog entry for new techniques.

We are aware that cheating is possible, but we have the best referees in the world: all those coin enthusiasts who will have four weeks to put every new record through its paces. Within this period, we will also ask two experts of the respective field for a peer review. If nobody objects within said time then the record is valid. We will gladly draw up a beautiful certificate upon request.

Well then, wouldn’t it be nice to invite people on your website to visit the biggest coin cabinet in the world? Or at least the biggest one in Europe? In Asia? In America? How fun it will be when the approved most expensive Russian coin is put on the market again! And I am sure every mint could advertise by announcing it produced the first bimetal coin in the world.

We are looking forward to many, many records!

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