Coin Set: Chinese Guardian Lions

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June 14, 2018 – Chinese guardian lions or, as they are also commonly and incorrectly referred to in the West, Foo dogs, always come in pairs. While the male lion with its ball-shaped pearl, from the viewer’s perspective on the right, stands for the unity and power of the territory it protects, the female guardian lioness with cub, to the viewer’s left, embodies growth, wellbeing and an ever-thriving offspring. Guardian lions are believed to keep out all bad influences trying to cross the borders of the protected territory.

A pair of guardian lions from the Quig-Era in ‘the forbidden city’ (Beijing). Photo: Allen Timothy Chang / CC BY-SA 3.0

CIT Coin Invest AG dedicates a two-piece coin set to these popular Chinese guardian spirits, crafted with smartminting technology. The frosting presents the matted lions in a contrast with the black proof background. Ornamental details give way to larger surfaces in proof.
Although the coin features 2017 as the year of issue, the delivery was delayed due to the complex manufacturing process so that the coins were only available for sale in March 2018.
The coins come in a black matt-lacquered-finish box featuring a red illustration of a temple, which is reminiscent of the rich tradition of Chinese lacquer.
By the way, even the numbers relate to Chinese beliefs. The coin features not just one but three instances of 8, the Chinese lucky number which is a guarantor for wealth, fortune, success, and social status. The weight contains the number 2, the epitome of harmony.

Palau / 10 Dollars / 2oz silver .999 / 38.61mm / Mintage: 888.

The obverse of the first coin depicts a Chinese guardian lion from behind, in the field to the left the coat of arms of Palau, designed as a vignette, with the inscription ‘REPUBLIC OF PALAU – 10 Dollar’, in the field to the right the inscription ‘CHINESE GUARDIAN LIONS 2017’. The reverse of the first piece shows a frontal view of a female Chinese guardian lion, its left paw resting on a curled-up lion cub.

Palau / 10 Dollars / 2oz silver .999 / 38.61mm / Mintage: 888.

The obverse of the second piece features the exact same elements but mirror inverted.
The male counterpart is depicted in the same position, resting its right paw on a pearl made to look like a ball. The background of both coins features the architecture of Chinese temples.
The coins are minted by the B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.

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