Coin Invest Trust’s first NewsFlash launched

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April 16, 2015 – Photographs and texts are traditional means when it comes to presenting coins. There are, however, specimens that call for a different kind of presentation.

Coin Invest Trust makes good use of movies to describe select coins and their extraordinary features. A case in point is the Anders Celsius coin: how it works can only be understood when watching the movie that shows the coin indicating the temperature of the surrounding environment, just like a thermometer. Another example is Nano Space with its tiny Nano Chip integrated into the coin, providing information and illustrations of the planets of our solar system and other galaxies.

Johann Berner and Orlando Lorenzana are hosting the NewsFlash.

Other distinctive features, like a coin’s concave surface, only become clear when the coin can be examined firsthand and in close detail. To reach a broad audience, though, the internet is the means of choice. And when we say internet we mean: NewsFlash.
While videos have so far only been shown in the context of coin fairs, where new issues were presented to the public, they can now be publicity accessed on the internet. Coin Invest Trust has already uploaded quite a number of videos about selected coins to its own YouTube channel. CIT’s NewsFlash now focuses on four new issues with CIT staff members elaborating on both background and technical specifications.

You can have a look on this NewsFlash here.

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