Coin dealer saves US economy

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by Björn Schöpe

September 11, 2014 – The US government can hardly maintain public order. The black market becomes ever more important due to rising inflation. Those who dare criticise the system are arrested by the FBI. But resistance is forming. A private gold currency saves the US economy (and the world). 

This is what the fictive gold currency looks like. Notice the subtle hint at the website of the very real company Liberty Coin Service.

The name of the currency that saves the world: Gold Liberty. And that name doesn’t only exist in the film but in real life. It is issued by Pat Heller and his company Liberty Coin Service, located in Las Vegas.

Of course the scenario is fictitious. It was developed in the novel “Alongside Night” by J. Neil Schulman, published in 1979. The story’s hero is a Nobel Prize in Economics winner who propagates a new economic system to avert economic chaos. And guess what, the Nobel Prize in Economics winner is the author’s alter ego. To promote his ideas on an even bigger scale, Schulman planned a film adaptation of the novel. Cooperation with Liberty Coin Service proved to help greatly with the budget. Owner Pat Heller had already read the book on publication and advocates similar ideals as Schulman.

And that’s how Liberty Coin Service got to prominently product-place itself in the film. The film features Liberty coins as payment method as well as guest appearances of Pat Heller, his wife and two kids and one of his employees.

The film is not widely available in cinemas as yet. But debates about a return to good money have become more and more frequent. Pat Heller freely admits that he profits from the newly raised awareness. Since 1981 his company’s turnover has increased fifty-fold and Heller can employ seven times as many people as he could thirty years ago.

The film’s official website provides detailed information.

Watch the trailer here

… or find a cinema to see the whole film.

By the way, in case you’re into comics: Schulman has also published a graphic novel version of his book.

And, last but not least, here’s the website of Liberty Coin Service.