Classical Numismatic Group

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Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 441

CNG’s Electronic Auction 441 features 683 lots and closes on Wednesday, 3 April 2019. beginning at 10 AM ET.

Lot 10: Calabria. Tarentum. Nomos, circa 425-415 BC. Ex Gasvoda Collection, ex William N. Rudman Collection, ex A. D. Moretti Collection. EF. Estimate: $3,000.

In this sale, again selections from several important collections will be presented, …

Lot 268: Sestertius. Countermark applied during the reign of Vespasian, AD 69-79(?). NCAPR (Nummus Caesare Augusto PRobatus?) in rectangular countermark on a bronze brockage sestertius of Claudius. Pangerl 60. Host Fine, c/m Fine, porous. From the Richard Baker Collection, purchased from FLAN, early 1990s. Estimate: $150.

beginning with the Richard Baker Collection of Countermarked Coins, which presents a rare opportunity to acquire many countermarks that are seldom seen on the market.

Lot 345: Cilicia, Tarsus. Hadrian, AD 117-138. Tridrachm. From the Michel Prieur Collection. Ex Adolph E. Cahn 71 (14 October 1931), lot 918. VF, toned, minor porosity and roughness. Estimate: $300.

Provincial collectors can browse selections from the Michel Prieur Collection, this time focusing on issues from Cilicia.

Lot 635: Tokens, Suffolk. Bury. CU Halfpenny, 1795. From the Quentin Brisley Collection of British Tokens. Near EF, brown surfaces. Estimate: $75.

A selection of British copper and silver tokens from the Quentin Brisley collection are also available again in this sale. These tokens were purchased almost exclusively through Seaby, beginning in the 1970s.

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