Classical Numismatic Group

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Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 440

CNG’s Electronic Auction 440 features 750 lots and closes on Wednesday, 20 March 2019. beginning at 10 AM ET.

Lot 1: Calabria. Tarentum. Nomos, circa 470-465. Ex Gasvoda Collection. Good VF, toned, overstruck on uncertain type, area of die rust on reverse. Estimate: $1,000.

This auction opens with another small selection of attractive South Italian Greek issues.

Lot 276: Britannia (?). Sestertius. Countermark applied during the reign of Nero, 54-68(?). PROB(atvm) in a rectangular countermark on a bronze sestertius of Claudius. Host Fine, c/m, VF, green patina, some tooling. From the Richard Baker Collection. Estimate: $100.

Countermarked issues from the Richard Baker Collection are also again available, as is a good selection of Roman Imperial denarii and bronzes.

Lot 377: Egypt, Alexandria. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Drachm, dated RY 24 (AD 160/161). From the Ralph DeMarco ‘Perseus’ Collection. Near VF, dark brown patina with touches of green, rough surfaces. Very rare. Estimate: $2,000.

Collectors of mythological types should look closely at the Ralph DeMarco “Perseus” Collection, featuring mostly provincial bronze issues of the hero Perseus.

Lot 682: Tokens, Warwickshire. Birmingham. Lutwyches’. CU Farthing, undated (struck in late 18th century). From the Quentin Brisley Collection of British Tokens. EF, brown surfaces, some red. Estimate: $75.

A selection of British copper and silver tokens from the Quentin Brisley collection are also available again in this sale. These tokens were purchased almost exclusively through Seaby, beginning in the 1970s.

To view the sale online, click here.